This beautiful watercolour ombre cake is perfect for wedding cakes. Use any colour to match your theme and adorn with edible gold leaf for a truly glamorous celebration cake.

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You Will Need
8” Round Deep Cake masked thinly with buttercream/frosting
Round Cerise Cake Drum Board-12” (06CRWD12)
Renshaw Vanilla Frosting (0605813) x 2
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Raspberry-25g (0675068) or any colour to match your theme.
Ranunculus Flower Spray (20159)
Cake Star Plain Smoothers/Scrapers-Set of 2 (84892)
Sugarflair Gold Leaf (5498)
Step 1

Place cake onto board slightly offset to allow room for the flower spray on the front. Mix various shades of raspberry colouring into bowls of frosting - deep to very light.

Step 2

Spread (or pipe for a more exact finish) the frosting around side of cake thickly, with deeper colour at base working upwards graduating the shades, finishing around the top in a very pale shade, or white. 

Use the smoother/scraper to achieve a smooth finish around the cake. You may have to repeat this for a second time.   Neaten around the top edge and the base of cake. Apply frosting to the top, smooth and neaten around edge. Allow to set.

Step 3

Fix ranunculus flower spray in place against the side of the cake.

Cut the gold up into pieces, handling as little as possible. Brush glue onto icing surface where you wish to stick gold leaf, and picking each piece up with tweezers, place it in position, gently pulling off the backing paper.

Supply List
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