Create this seasonal chocolate bark using a range of winter themed dusting powders, sprinkles and decorations. Perfect for giving out as winter treats!

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You Will Need
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate-White - 1kg  (6191)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder - Matt - Navy (75114)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder - Matt - Ocean Blue (75112)
Purple Cupcakes Snowstorm Sprinkle Mix - 100g (25112)
Culpitt Snowflake Disc Sugar Cake Topper Decorations - Pack of 12 (06161)
White mini marshmallows
Step 1

Choose the decorations you want to include in your chocolate bark, such as sprinkles, sweets, marshmallows, crushed biscuits, sugar pipings etc. and prepare them before beginning (You will need to add them before the chocolate starts setting!)

Line a square or oblong tin, Approx. 8" with greaseproof paper and leave to one side.

Step 2

Firstly you will need to temper the chocolate to ensure a shiny finish and a crisp clean snap on the chocolate.

Tempering white chocolate:

Take 300g chocolate and place in a bowl over hot water, or in a double boiler.

Using a thermometer, gently heat until temperature reaches 45°C. Immediately remove from heat and add an additional 100g chocolate, stirring until temperature drops to 26°C.

You then need to increase the chocolate to a working temperature of 28°C, by returning briefly to the heat. Maintain this temperature while working with the chocolate.

Step 3

Once you have tempered the chocolate it will be ready to use. To colour the chocolate divide into 3 bowls, Add the Navy & Ocean Blue dusting powders into 2 seprate bowls and mix well. Leave the Third plain.

Add all three colours of chocolate into your lined tin and lightly swirl the colours together using a skewer or cocktail stick.

Step 4

Add your chosen decorations (Snowflake sugar pipings, Snowstorm sprinkles) on top of the chocolate before it sets and then leave in the fridge for 10 mins.

Once fully set you can break the bark into pieces and add to complete the look of your Unicorn themed celebration cake or cupcakes, Or why not add a few pieces into one of our gift bags, tie with a ribbon to give your guests a sweet Winter gift!

You could also use milk or dark chocolate but this cannot be coloured.

Supply List
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