Welcome to our pet page! Here you can find all things pet related, from adorable animal inspired cake ideas to tasty pet friendly recipes. Whether you’re throwing a party for an animal lover, hosting a charity bake sale or just looking to treat your pet on their special day, we’re sure to have something for you.
Pet Friendly Recipes
Because pets have birthdays too! Celebrate your best friend’s big day in style with our RSPCA approved pet-friendly recipes. These treats ideas are all quick and easy to make, and are full of everything good for four-legged friends. We’ve also put together an RSPCA approved nutrition guide to help you keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Scroll down the page to find out more.
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Why can’t I feed my dog or cat normal cake?
Cake contains a lot of sugar and fat and may put your pet at risk of becoming overweight, which can lead to a host of other health issues including joint problems, diabetes and heart disease. There are many ingredients that can go into cake that may be safe for us to eat but can be very dangerous and potentially fatal for dogs and cats. If you wish to bake for your pet, we recommend you use one of our RSPCA approved pet friendly recipes.
What about other human foods?
Most human meals will not provide dogs or cats with the nutrition they need. Some human foods, such as onions, chocolate, grapes/raisins, macadamia nuts, avocados and more, can be very poisonous to dogs as well as cats. Please visit the RSPCA website for more information. If you suspect that your dog or cat has been poisoned contact your vet immediately.
I’ve heard that dogs and cats can’t eat chocolate. Why is this?
Chocolate poisoning is the most commonly reported type of pet poisoning as it contains high levels of the stimulant theobromine. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration, hyperactivity, high temperature and blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm and tremors. It is very important to ensure any chocolate is always kept safely away from pets and that you contact your vet immediately if you suspect your dog or cat has consumed chocolate.
Can my dog or cat eat flour?
The good news is that using wheat-based flour to make treats can be perfectly safe for many dogs and cats. However, just like humans, some pets can be sensitive to wheat. If the pet you're baking for is not intolerant to wheat then you can use it to bake treats.
How often should I give my dog or cat treats?
Treats should only be given to pets in moderation. While they are great way to reward good behaviour and play a very important part in training, they can also lead to unwanted weight gain if not closely monitored. When feeding treats, avoid overfeeding by reducing their daily food ration to account for any extras.
A special occasion such as a birthday can be the perfect time to bake your pet some delicious treats. Check out our pet friendly recipes to find out how you can make your own!
How much water does my dog or cat need?
The right amount of water for each pet can vary on a number of factors such as their diet, the temperature and their lifestyle. All pets must have clean, fresh water available at all times. Please note that cow’s milk is not a water substitute for cats and can cause them stomach upsets.
I think my pet might be overweight. Is this a problem, and if so, what can I do?
If you suspect your pet is overweight it’s best to start by making a trip to your vet to determine if they are at an ideal weight. Being overweight can have lasting consequences and affect the quality of your pet’s health. Both cats and dogs require plenty of exercise and a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight.
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