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From Madeira to carrot cake mix, Wright's has a cake mix for every mood and taste.
Baking has never been so easy thanks to our fantastic range of Wright's cake mix! With over 140 years' experience, Wright's specialises in making the very best quality cake mixes to help bakers of all skill levels create wonderfully delicious cakes to share with family and friends. Our range contains some delicious traditional favourites, from Madeira to Carrot Cake mixes. Each mix in the range creates a very authentic, traditional style cake that is also suitable for creating cupcakes. The Wright's Chocolate Fudge flavour is a complete mix that contains real chocolate crumbs to produce a rich and indulgent cake every time, while our Ginger cake mix contains a blend of unrefined sugars to produce a traditional style Ginger cake that the whole family is sure to love. Our selection of cake mixes are fantastic for bakers that want all the flavour of a cake made from scratch with the added convenience of a mix. In fact, all of our Wright's cake mixes only require oil and water before they're ready to be baked into a moist, mouth-watering cake, minimising time and mess. As it says on the packet: little bag, lots of cake!