Create this showstopping Beauty and the Beast themed cake for any special occasion, from birthdays to weddings. Our step by step guide will allow you to wow everyone!

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You Will Need
2x Rectangular shallow cakes  each 10” x 9” x 2” (Base tier)
8” Round deep cake (middle tier)
6” Round deep cake (top tier)
All masked ready for icing/decorating
12” Round Gold Cake Drum-12mm thick (06GRWD12F)
Double Thick Round Silver Cake Card-6” (06DTR6)
Double Thick Round Silver Cake Card-8” (06DTR8)
Single Thick Square Silver Cake Card-10” (06STS10)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Brilliant White-250g x6 (74229)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Chocolate Flavour-250g x4 (74217)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Deep Blue-250g x4 (74249)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Yellow-250g x4 (74222)
Sugarflair Gum Tragacanth-14g (5502)
Cake Star Yellow Modelling Paste -100g (75133) x2
Cake Star Red Modelling Paste-100g  (75013) x2
FMM Easy Rose Cutter (81706)
Culpitt 5” Silicone Finished Paper Piping Bags-Pack of 10 (83151)
PME Writer Piping Nozzle-2.5 (ST2.5)
Renshaw Ready to Use Royal Icing-White-400g (0605860)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powders / Lustre Powders Selection (Red/Blue/Yellow/Purple/Violet/Green/black)
Sable Paintbrush-2 (0683255)
Squires Cocoa Butter (6133) or Altenatives Sugarflair Rejuvenator Spirit-14ml (5501)
Colour Splash Edible Paint-Metallic Gold (75187)
Culpitt Double Ended Modelling Tools -Set of 8 (84784)
Bottom Tier

Knead gum tragacanth into the chocolate and deep blue sugar pastes (1 tsp per 250g).  Leave for 24 hrs to strengthen.

For one book:

Roll out chocolate paste 11” x 20”. Position onto drum board with half the paste lying on the drum board. Place cake onto this half ensuring that you have a border of paste around the cake.

Immediately measure around side circumference of cake and roll out strip(s) of white sugar paste approx. 38” x 2” (96cm x 5cm) total. Position around sides of cake. Mark ‘pages’ with either a cutting tool, icing ruler or long side scraper. 

Lift the other half of the chocolate icing over the top of the cake to form the front cover of the book. Mark the ‘spine’ of the book. Allow to dry.

Write or draw design onto the spine of the book if wished, using gold paint.

Repeat this for the blue book, but work on the 10” single thick card, cut by 1” down one side to fit the cake.  Transfer this cake onto the brown cake when complete.

Middle Tier

Place 8” cake onto 8” double thick board, and cover with yellow sugar paste. Cut off around bottom edge and neaten. Allow to dry.

Drapes  - Mix yellow modelling paste with approx 150g of leftover yellow sugar paste, knead well. This should give the correct strength for the drapes to hold their shape when placed on the cake.

Measure the circumference of the cake and divide into 5 sections. (A cake top marker will make this job easier!). 

Measure the height you want the drapes on the side of the cake. Make a paper template, 14cm x 9cm, for cutting out each drape.

Roll out paste and cut a piece to this measurement. Insert dowel rods along length of, and underneath, paste, creating the drape, and push rods together. Remove rods and pinch both ends of the drape to seal. Turn over and brush glue onto the back. 

Make a ‘gunge’ glue (paste mashed down with water to a tacky consistency) to fix the ends of the drape to the cake side.

Repeat this process to make a further four drapes. Continue with a further five drapes around to make a second tier.

Finish with small red roses, made using the easy rose cutter and red modelling paste.

Top Tier

Place 6” cake onto 6” double thick board and cover with white sugar paste.  Cut off around bottom edge and neaten.  Allow to dry.

Mark out stained glass ‘windows’ design required on cake. (This cake has three windows which require the circles to be measured and marked first. If you wish, to make this easier and less time consuming, just mark out one window. The remainder of the cake may be piped purely at random!)

Colour a little royal icing grey/black and place into a piping bag fitted with 2.5 nozzle. Pipe the window designs first, complete with rose, then pipe over remaining cake at random. Top Tip: Use a damp brush to neaten the joins.


Place cocoa butter into palettes over hot water and mix in the powder colours you have chosen. Wait for the colours to dissolve with the cocoa butter before using.

Paint stained glass colours, starting with the red roses and green leaves, inside the windows, and working outwards, finishing with the yellow surround. 

Then paint the remainder of the cake, filling in around the windows, using various shades of purple / violet / pink.

Top Tip: Using cocoa butter gives a more vibrant colour, but paint should be kept over heat at all times, so refresh the hot water from time to time!

If preferred, use rejuvenator spirit (5501) to mix powder colours, or simply use Colour Splash paints.

Finally, assemble cakes.

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