If you feel confident making a sugar carnation from scratch then follow our step by step guide on creating a beautiful carnation decoration for any celebration cake.

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You Will Need

Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste-White-250g (0601942)
Colour Splash Food Colour Gel-Lemon-25g (0675056)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Green Leaf-25g (0675078)
Cake Star Plunger Cutter-Carnation-Set of 3 (84900)
Culpitt Calyx Cutter-Set of 3 (84783)
Culpitt 9” Rolling Pin (84788)
PME Flower Foam Pad (84632)
Green Non-Stick Board 10” x 7” (83440G)
Stay Fresh Multi Mat-Small (83363) Optional
Jem Petal Base-50g (JC150) or any white fat
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Brush for gluing
Frilling Sticks-Set of 2 (83350)
Dark Green Florist Wire-Pack of 20 (1385G)
White Micro Round Stamens (1340W) Optional
Stemtex Tape-Nile Green (1490N)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder-Matt-Ruby (75122)
Step 1

Knead flower paste and add lemon colour if required. 

Step 2

Make a hook in the end of a 22 gauge wire. If using stamens, push one through the hook and bend in half.                                          

Step 3

Roll out paste very thinly. You may use Petal Base or white fat rubbed lightly on the board to prevent the paste sticking. Choose the size of cutter you wish to use from the set and cut out one shape.

Step 4

Frill around the petal edges with the smaller frilling stick. Glue in the centre and slide it up the wire to the stamen. Fold the circle in half over the stamen. Add a little more glue, and fold the right hand side of the petal half towards the middle.Turn the petal to the other side and repeat. You have now folded the shape into three. Scrunch into a neat round shape.  Allow to dry.

Step 5

Having allowed the centre of the carnation to dry, it is easier to work on the next few shapes. Cut out another two or three shapes, and frill the edge, working on one at a time.

Brush a little glue onto the centre, slide up the wire and position under the first shape. Repeat with as many shapes as you wish, depending on how large you want the carnation.  Tweak the petals as you go to make a realistic flower. 

Allow to dry, preferably upside down. Dust over the edges of the petals in ruby food colouring powder.

Step 6

Make the green back of the carnation. Take a small ball of paste coloured green, and shape into a cone. Ball out the wider top, and cut out five ‘V’ shapes with fine scissors. Then thread this up the wire and stick to the back of the carnation. Make a small calyx and glue to the base to complete.

It is really helpful to have a fresh carnation of the type you are making to copy. This applies to any flower you are making, but particularly useful for carnations as there are so many different types!

Step 7

Tape the stem for a realistic finish.

Supply List
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