How Do I Dowel a Multi-tiered cake?


When stacking cake on top of each other to create a stacked cake, you will need to use dowelling between each tier. Prepare each cake seperately (mask and ice) then dowel between each tier.

What types are there?

You have a choice between plastic and wooden dowels. Plastic dowels (White & Clear) come in two lengths, 8” and 12” and can be snapped off after cutting into them with a sharp knife at the appropriate point. Wooden dowels have to be sawn off. Also available are pillars which go down through the cake to act as dowelling as well.

How do I use them?

It is essential to place the dowels in each tier within the diameter of the cake above but far enough apart to give adequate support. Once the position of the dowels has been determined push them into the cake and mark at the point where they protrude level with the top of the iced cake, if the cake is to be stacked, or level with the top of the pillars. Carefully remove and cut at the mark ensuring that they are all level. Place back into the cake. (Making sure that your dowels are all cut exactly the same length will keep your cake level).