Types of Food Colouring

Food colouring products are a brilliant way to transform bland cakes into bright, beautiful masterpieces. There are many different types of food colourings that can be used to give your cake the perfect finish, ranging from gels to powders and aerosols to airbrush colours.

Our different ranges of food colouring are perfect for making any special cakes and decorations, whether it's a vibrant rainbow cake, a sophisticated red velvet cake or colourful fondant figures! But do you know what type of food colouring to use for your project?

Food Colouring Gels

Our popular Colour Splash food colouring gels are suitable for all types of icing. They're particularly good when used with sugarpastes, marzipan or any paste which needs rolling out as you can add as much as you require without changing the consistency. If added to icings such as buttercream, royal or glacé they should be mixed more thoroughly to eliminate the chance of any bits forming. These colours do contain glycerine which will soften icing and, while versatile, so should not be added in large amounts to flower paste as the paste may not set hard. Liquid food colouring may also be more suitable than gels in projects where stronger icing is required, such as royal iced run outs or extension work etc. Our gels are highly concentrated so should be added a little at a time to icing, gradually building up the colour as you mix it in. Available in a wide range of colours, the gels can be purchased individually and mixed together to create further colours so you can have fun experimenting!

Food Colouring Powders

Our edible matt food colouring powders come in many different colours and can be used in several ways to colour your cakes and decorations. They can simply be applied with a brush to give a realistic finish to leaves, flowers and foliage or mix in with icings before applying to your cake. Our beautiful selection of edible pearl and metallic food colouring powders are also very popular for making cakes shimmer, shine and sparkle! Lightly apply a small amount over your cake surfaces, icing or sugar decorations to leave a lovely subtle lustre effect, perfect for festive and special occasion cakes. You can brush your favourite pink pearl shade on a selection of sugar roses and flowers to create a light-catching effect or dust on some metallic powder for a sophisticated finish.

You can use the Colour Splash powders to create a food colouring paint by adding rejuvenator spirit or gin/vodka, mixing to a paste and using a brush to apply a painted finish to your work! Powder colours are suitable for adding to if well mixed in - view our detailed blog on 'How To Colour Chocolate With Colour Splash!' for more information.

Food Colour Sprays

Our Colour Splash food colour sprays are handy aerosol sprays that are great for achieving matt, iridescent or metallic finishes. These sprays come in varied sizes so are particularly useful if you have more than one item to colour or are colouring a large surface area. Quick and easy to use, these food colour sprays mean it takes just seconds to coat your cake, icing or decorations; perfect for decorators of all skill levels! For best results, simply apply the spray approximately 20-30 centimetres above your cake surface, icing or decoration in circular motions for a beautifully even coverage.

Edible Pens

Our Colour Splash edible pens are an excellent addition to any decorator's kitchen. As simple to use as a regular felt tip, these pens are perfect for writing personal messages or drawing special designs on celebration cakes. With 8 different colours to choose from there's plenty of room for a bit of colourful creativity with the kids. Each pen in the pack is double sided; one end has a thin nib, perfect for writing messages on your cakes and decorations while the other end has a thick nib, perfect for drawing designs onto your icing. We do not recommend you use these pens to colour large surface areas of your cake.

Liquid Food Colours

Liquid food colours are suitable for mixing into buttercream, royal icing and glace icing or for painting onto sugarpaste. They're particularly suitable for delicate royal icing work such as run outs, lace and extension work! Our food colouring liquid range features many products available in a variety of colours in droplet bottles, ensuring they are easy to control when adding to icing. We would not recommend most of our liquid range when colouring sugarpaste/modelling/flower paste or marzipan as they will make the mixture too sticky and therefore hard to work with. However. our range of natural food colours are not only useful for allergy sufferers but come in a thick liquid form which may be very sparingly added to sugarpaste.

Non-Aerosel Glitter Sprays

The non-aerosol House of Cake edible glitter sprays are perfect for adding a beautiful glitter effect to any cakes and decorations. A single spritz is all you need to create an elegant shimmer across your creations - to use, simply hold the spray around 10-20 centimetres away from your cake or decoration and apply the colour by spraying in short, gentle bursts to leave a beautiful finishing touch. These sprays are available in gold, silver or rose and, while they can be applied over anything, cannot be mixed in with icing or sugarpaste.

Food Colour Paints

Food paints are ready to use metallic paints that are very easy to apply. Use an EasyCover sponge to cover a whole cake or any other large surface, and a brush for finer detailed work. Our paints may also be applied with an airbrush (no need to thin down). There is no surplus pigment left on the surface after use as it is all sealed in. Brushes and sponge are easy to clean after use – simply rinse in warm water! Approximately 1/2 bottle is required to cover an 8" cake - two coats are usually needed to give a smooth and radiant finish to your cake.


Airbrush Food Colours

Our airbrush colours are available in packs of primary or tonal colours and are recommended for more experienced cake decorators. These colours can be used with an airbrush machine to give an ultra-professional, smooth finish to your cakes and cupcakes. Remember to always clean your airbrush thoroughly using hot water after each use and when changing your colours. A deep-clean is highly recommended after several uses of the machine or if the airbrush spits.