How to use Chocolate Transfer Sheets


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What are Chocolate transfer sheets?

Chocolate transfer sheets are a quick and easy way to create pretty and vibrant patterns on your chocolates. They have a cocoa butter design printed on one side.

What size do transfer sheets come in?

Measuring 300mm (L) x 200mm (W) enabling you to create transfers long enough to go around a cake, or in many smaller designs for decorations on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates etc. 

How do i use them?

The pattern is printed in cocoa butter on one side only, and this side should be placed uppermost onto a suitable work surface.

It is preferable to temper your chocolate first to achieve a glossy, professional finish.

Then melt it and pour over the transfer sheet, and spread in a thin, even layer.   The design then transfers to the chocolate giving a lovely shiny pattern.  Leave this until nearly set, approx 10 mins, or may be speeded up in the fridge, and then cut into shape(s) required, using a sharp knife or cutters. Do not attempt to remove at this stage!  

Leave to set completely before using (at least 30 mins or speed up in the fridge).  If a large shape is required, such as a cake collar to go around a cake, it may be more economical if you cut the transfer sheet  first, saving the rest of the sheet for further use!  

Store flat if possible, or rolled, in a cool, dry place.