How to Use Culpitt Lustre Modelling Paste


What are lustre modelling pastes?

These are modelling pastes with a metallic lustre finish. Unlike any other paste on the market today as the lustre is incorporated into the paste, and it also includes cocoa butter. The colour range includes: Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Black, Copper, Green, Blue, Pink, Ruby and Pearl. 

The main advantage of using this paste means there is no longer any need to spray or brush on lustre afterwards.

How to use lustre modelling pastes

These modelling pastes are available in 100g packs, you will find this paste quite hard on opening the pack.

To make it easier, cut the paste into quarters, and knead each piece well to soften the cocoa butter, therefore making it smooth and pliable.  When all the pieces have been kneaded, join together to create something special.

If kneading is a problem, you could use a microwave, but care needs to be taken with this though, as cocoa butter is a key ingredient of this paste, and too long in the microwave will see the cocoa butter running out, which will de-stabilise it.

In a microwave of 800w, 5 seconds per quarter piece of paste – no longer, on defrost setting is just enough to soften it sufficiently for kneading. Knead well to soften and smooth.

Working with a quarter at a time means it is easily manageable. It may be rolled out thinly (it rolls out to approx.1-2mm), but hardens quite quickly, so you need to work fast.

A little goes a long way. From making flowers/decorations for a wedding or a silver/golden/ruby wedding  anniversary cake, to using it in moulds such as brooches or buttons for a fantastic effect, it gives a beautiful lustred finish with no further hassle. Butterflies are easy, they dry in position without having to prop them up.