How to use Pastillage


What is Pastillage?

Pastillage is a strengthened paste which is recommended for creating structures such as buildings, models, ornaments, boxes and cards etc. as it is very strong and hard when dry. It is available in a convenient powder mix to which you just add water.

How to make Pastillage

Mix the quantity you wish to use with required amount of water and knead well. (To colour it, just add a concentrated paste colour and knead in.) Roll out to thickness required (as thin as possible) and cut out taking care not to drag your knife through the paste, as this could cause wrinkles in your paste.

This is a paste that dries out very quickly when exposed to air so keep well covered whilst working with it.  You can ‘polish’ the paste with the palm of your hand to smooth the surface. It should be left to dry for a minimum of 24 hrs at room temperature, depending on thickness/ shape/ size of pieces.

Top Tip: Place on sponge to dry so that the air can circulate over top and base of paste and therefore help it to dry evenly. If only one side dries at a time there is a tendency for it to warp/buckle. Use royal icing to fix pieces together, supporting them until dry. Any rough edges can be filed down using an emery board.

How to store

Any surplus can be wrapped up and kept airtight in a plastic bag, it can also be frozen.

Store finished decorations where air can circulate, a cardboard box is ideal. Once used on your celebration cake the models should keep for several years.