Uses for Candy Melts/Buttons


What are candy melts/buttons?

Candy melts/buttons are vanilla (or chocolate) flavoured buttons, Available in a variety of different colours. Perfect for coating cake pops, drizzling onto cookies, dipping fruit, marshmallows etc. Using in chocolate moulds or generally decorating any celebration cakes or cupcakes.

How to use

Simply melt in short 30 second bursts in the microwave. If after melting, they are still a little thick, just add a drop of vegetable oil until you have the desired consistency.

Then coat, drizzle, dip, mould or decorate depending on your project.

Any leftovers can be placed back in the bag to be used in the future, Or add a drop of liquid glucose and mix to create a sugarpaste!

The following is a recipe for chocolate flavoured paste/modelling chocolate (recipe for other products may vary)

1 bag candy buttons 340g/12oz

100g liquid glucose

Place buttons into a microwave for approx 10-20 seconds at a time until melted. Or in a bowl over hot water.

Add the glucose and mix well. Place in a polythene bag to set and leave to stand for 12 hours before use.