What can i use piping gel for?


What is piping gel?

Piping Gel is a clear transparent gel, made with corn starch, and has many uses, therefore making it an extremely versatile product to keep in your cupboard.

What can i make using piping gel?

  • Water effects

Instant water (ponds, lakes, streams, sea!) for use on cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc. May be coloured blue or left plain.

  • Glue

Piping gel is very sticky, therefore is excellent to use as a glue for sticking light sugar pieces together. It is transparent so will not show. If a more substantial glue is required, simply mix the gel with some sugarpaste to make a more ‘tacky’ mixture. This could also be used to hide blemishes/holes on sugarpasted cakes – simply brush on and work in to conceal the error.

  • Colouring and flavouring

Any colour may be added – concentrated paste colours are ideal. Why not also add a flavour?

  • Sparkle

Add a touch of sparkle with the addition of edible glitter and glitter flakes.

  • Piping

Place into a piping bag for piping decoration onto cakes and cookies. The gel sets after a while, becoming fairly solid.

  • Masking

Perfect for masking polystyrene dummy cakes before coating with sugarpaste.  Brush over the tops of cupcakes before icing.

  • Glaze

Use as a glaze on sugar pieces (eyes, noses on animals!) – dilute slightly with clear alcohol first, and flavour if wished. Add a glaze onto fruit tarts and baked goods – this also helps to preserve them. 

  • Softening

Add a touch to royal icing when creating brush embroidery. This not only softens the icing for working it with a brush, but will prolong the working time before the icing dries out.

  • Stained glass effect

Colour in several shades if creating a stained glass effect on cakes or cookies.

  • Stabilise

If added to whipped cream, this will stabilise the cream, therefore helping to keep the cream a little longer at room temperature.