What is Gildesol?


What is Gildesol?

Gildesol is a handy little pot of beeswax mixed with vegetable oil. This is a magical combination of ingredients which will bring out the shine on all your lustred decorations and transform them into glorious, full colour, stars of the show.

Lustre dusts are great on their own, but once you have used Gildesol as a base for them, you will see the difference. It not only creates a brilliance to the colour, but enhances the depth of colour too.

To use

You may have to very slightly soften in the microwave for a few seconds, and then brush onto the decoration required. Brush the lustre colour over the top, then, with another clean brush, buff up the colour, removing the excess dust as you go.

Use this product on Cakes, Sugar Flowers and Models with sugarpaste, flowerpaste or modelling paste.