What is Sugar Flower Paste?


What is sugar flowerpaste?

Sugar Flowerpaste is hard setting and suitable for making ultra fine flowers, leaves, and any other fine decorations you may require. It is also recommended for use with various cutters such as Tappits and Clikstix and any intricate cutters where a stronger paste is needed. (Sugar paste is too soft to be used in these cutters). Available in a range of sizes and ready to use straight from the pack.

How to use

Choose your colour or add your desired colour to the White flower paste and knead well. Using a non stick board and rolling pin, Roll out very finely (We recommend using a White fat on the board before rolling out your paste to ensure the paste doesn’t dry out when you are working) The only exception is Beau Products flowerpaste, This will require you to use cornflour instead due to the consistency of the paste.

Once made the paste will dry very hard so it is recommended that any decorations made from flowerpaste are removed from the celebration cake before cutting.

How to store unused flowerpaste and sugar decorations

Flower paste has a long shelf life and any surplus left after use may be resealed in the pack, or in a fresh plastic bag or airtight tub to keep for future use.

However when you have made your creations, whether it is flowers or any other sugar decorations, they must be kept where the air can circulate around them. DO NOT store in any box or tub that is airtight – the paste will start to sweat and then go mouldy. A cardboard cake box or display cabinet is ideal.