How To Use Florist Tape


What is it?

Paper florist tape, sometimes known as stem tape, is a paper tape with its own glue, which, when stretched will adhere to itself. It is used to tape flower/leaf stems for a more realistic finish, and taping stems together when making a spray. It is generally available in a full width reel which is too wide for general use, but can easily be cut into half or quarter width if required.

What colours are they available in?

Florist tape is available in basic colours such as: Nile (light green), Moss green, Olive, Brown & White. We have also recently introduced glitter tape to the range, Available in White, Black, Gold, Pale Blue, Pale Green & Pale pink to add some sparkle to your flower sprays!

To use:

The tape is used mostly in half width, sometimes in quarter width, therefore it needs to be cut, either with scissors (cut off a length, wrap around two fingers, slip off fingers, and cut lengthways), with a sharp knife (cut into the tape on the roll) or with a tape cutter (made specifically for the purpose). You can finish off a spray in full width tape, to neaten, but as there is no need to use any more than half width, this can be rather wasteful.

Starting at the top of the stem, wind tape around once and attach the tape to itself to hold in place. (You can cut tape to a point if you wish, to make a neater start at the top). If you have a flower where you cannot start at the top, ie. if the petals are hanging down, start taping a little way down the stem and then push up. Wind the tape around and down the stem, twizzling the stem in one hand as you go, and stretching fully as you do this to release the glue. If you practice the technique of taping, you should soon get the knack, and be able to tape stems quite quickly. There is usually no need to tape right down to the base of the stem if it is to be added in to a spray. This can make it very thick and bulky where it joins the main stem, and is a waste of tape.