Modelling Tool Overview


Modelling Tools are an extremely useful addition to anybody’s tool box, in fact, most of them are almost a necessity. From essential marking on cakes to creating attractive patterns, and modelling features to making sugar flowers, there is always a tool for the job! Most tools are double ended with few exceptions, and it makes sound economic sense to buy good quality ones with no rough edges or seams.

A set of eight modelling tools will usually include the following:

Ball Tool – This is double ended with a large ball at one end, and a smaller one at the other end. Use this when creating flowers, running around the edge of petals / leaves etc, and for various modelling jobs. It is also useful when making indentations in icing, hollowing out eye sockets etc.

Ball Tool

Bone Tool – Double ended, one end is curved with a large ball, and the other is curved with a small ball. Mainly for use when making flowers, smoothing and thinning the edge of petals and leaves. As for the ball tool, it can also be used when making indentations on icing.

Bone Tool

Flower / Leaf Shaper - Often called the Dresden tool, this is double-ended, with one end for adding fine veining to leaves and petals, and the other end, being more flat and shallow, will create wider veining and smooth out petals. If creating a snowy scene, it is useful for making tracks.

Flower and Leaf Tool

Blade and Shell – One end of this double-ended tool has a handy blade for cutting, and the other end is a shell shape, for marking ‘shell’ patterns onto icing. Create an easy shell border around a beach scene cake!

Blade and Shell Tools

Scallop and Comb – Double ended, the small scallop is perfect for creating a smiling / frowning mouth when modelling. Also, use it for making an embossed, scalloped edge or border, or a round hole. The comb is ideal to make a serrated edge or border, for instance, a stitched effect, or any other design.

Scallop and Comb Modelling Tools

Serrated and Taper – One end of this double-ended taper tool is serrated and the other end is plain. The plain, smooth end is for hollowing out when making flowers eg. The throat of a pulled flower, or for hollowing any other shape. The serrated end is ideal for making the petal indents on the throat of a flower.

Serrated and Taper Modelling Tools

Star Taper – Double ended, this includes 5 and 6 star sectioned tapers, for creating veins on the throats (centres) of 5 and 6 petalled flowers. They will also create an embossed star design / border onto sugarpaste.

Star Taper Modelling Tools

Bulbous Cone – This double-ended tool includes a straight narrow end for making marks on sugarpaste, marzipan etc. and used similarly to a bone tool. The bulbous end is plain, and has several uses, including thinning out the edges when making a garrett frill or larger flower petals / leaves. Use both ends for various features when modelling.

Bulbous Cone Modelling Tools