How do I put together Stacked Cake Boxes?


Assembling a stacked cake box isn't as complicated as it appears, No matter which size you choose each box will come with:

Outer packing - to use for flat storage of box if required

  • Lid
  • Base and sides complete
  • Base card - round - interchangeable
  • Base card - square - interchangeable

To assemble

Remove all pieces from the outer packaging.

Place base and sides on the worktop, open out the sides so the base is flat on the worktop.
Chose relevant base card (Round or Square depending on your design)
Push out perforated shape - the second layer is to add stability/strength to the base. Place chosen shape onto base.
Fold up sides - fixing perforated tag from the outside through the carrying hole.
Assemble lid a).
Note - each base card has a perforated insert so two sizes of cake can fit into each box, therefore preventing the cake from moving inside the main box.  


Video shows assembly of 10"/12" stacked box.