Top Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake


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Making your own wedding cake can seem a bit intimidating but, aside from being much more cost-effective, it can be a really rewarding experience and a great way to create something completely original while adding your own personal touch to your special day.

Regardless of your experience, creating your own wedding cake doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Your wedding day is stressful enough without any added chaos in the kitchen so we’ve put together our top tips for those brave brides-to-be that plan on making their own cake for the big day.

Practise, practise, practise

Practise is absolutely crucial. While you may feel prepared to dive in and bake something elaborate that you’ve never tried before, this definitely isn’t the time to experiment. Bake and decorate test cakes before the day to avoid any unexpected obstacles when you come to make the real thing. If you plan on using our ready-made cakes then it's a good idea to practise your decorating skills on a cake dummy. It’s pretty fun working out how you want your wedding cake to look so practising is a great way to decide! Another great tip is to always pipe some tests on a piece of baking paper to check the consistency of your icing is suitable for the piping tip you are using.

Time it right

As all bakers will know, producing the perfect cake is all about timing. Make sure you are organised and prepared - in other words, don’t leave your ingredient shopping until the last minute! While you may assume the cake will need to be made as close to the time as possible, freezing readymade cakes is a great way to save you rushing and committing several evenings in a row to perfect your cake's decoration. In fact, partially frozen cakes are actually more effective when carving shapes than fresh bakes as the cake is less crumbly. Fruit cakes are a great flavour choice because they last a little longer than sponge and can be baked a few extra days in advance.

Get the right tools

Being stocked up with high quality equipment is essential. A good set of tools at your disposal can take a cake from good to great so it’s important you find the right ones. We have a fantastic range of equipment to help you with your baking and decorating needs.

Even the best bakers need a little help

Weddings mean lots of phone calls and last-minute appointments in the days leading up to the big day so having a friend or family member to help you out will be invaluable! From helping you to assemble the tiers to washing up the mixing bowl, a little help will go a long way in making everything run as smoothly as possible. If it’s your own wedding you’re baking for, your kitchen may be a little cluttered already without the added mess baking will bring so you may want to ask a friend to borrow their kitchen for the task.

Don’t want to bake it? Fake it!

Serve up a mouth-watering cake while saving yourself precious time and energy with our delicious range of Sweet Success readymade cakes. Each of these utterly delicious cakes are available in a variety of different flavours, shapes and sizes to suit your needs, and are supplied with 2 layers ready for you to add your own filling to. These cakes are a particular hit with those that would rather devote their time and efforts to decorating and presenting a cake that not only looks amazing but tastes it too. And, hey, who ever needs to know you didn’t bake it? Your Sweet Success secret is safe with us!

Use cake dummies

Cake dummies are great for practising your decorating skills on but they’re also fantastic for adding a cost-effective tier to wedding cakes. Cake dummies are perfect for adding extra height and drama to your creation without the need for cake overload. If you fancy the idea of a 5 tiered creation but don’t have the guests or budget to justify it then use a cake dummy as your bottom tier, decorating it in the same way as the rest of the cake so no-one will suspect a thing!

Follow a theme

Along with the bridesmaid dresses and the venue decor, the cake should follow your overall theme for the day. If you’re baking for another bride-to-be, have a look at everything she has chosen for the day, from the flowers to the table centrepieces, and base your cake around that. Check out our blog for some great wedding theme ideas.

High quality sugar paste is key

The type of sugar paste you use is all about personal preferences. Our Culpitt sugar pastes have a very soft texture and can be applied to cakes very easily, making it the better option for beginners. The range features comes in a range of basic colours than can be mixed together to create a wider variety of shades. On the other hand, our Renshaw sugar paste is the most well-known brand of sugar paste in the UK. It has a firmer texture than the Culpitt range but a larger selection of colours to choose from. Try out different types in advance to suss out what works best for you.

Size it right

Depending on your guest list size and how generous you want your slices to be, you should sit down and work out the exact size you need your cake to be before you start baking. Our cake portion size chart is a great way to work out how to cater to your wedding’s needs, so you don’t end up with too much or, even worse, too little. Make sure that each of your tiers are two inches wider than the last and that the top tier is no wider than six inches. Each tier should measure the exact same height, too.

Enjoy it!

The most important thing to remember when making your own wedding cake is to just have fun and enjoy the experience. There’s nothing more special or memorable than serving your own creation that has been quite literally baked with love. Just don’t forget to share your pictures with us on our Facebook or Instagram page!