Bake these cute tea themed biscuits and host your very own afternoon tea party for that special occasion.

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You Will Need
Biscuit dough
White Sugarpaste (0674227)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel (Colours of your choice)
Pavoni Teatime plunger cutter set (99908)
Colour Splash edible paints (Colours of your choice)
Fine brushes (800082)
Step 1

Roll out biscuit dough to Approx. ½cm thickness, Cut of shapes of teapot, cup and teabag using plunger cutters. Bake for recommended time on the recipe.

Step 2

Colour icing (if desired) with Colour Splash food colouring gel of your choice or leave white. Roll out to Approx. 3mm thickness and cut out shapes with plunger cutters, ensuring that the pattern is embossed onto the icing. Allow to dry.

Step 3

Choose your paint colours and carefully apply paint with a fine brush to the recessed pattern on each biscuit. Allow to dry and serve at your very own afternoon tea party!

We used metallic gold and navy blue on the white biscuits and metallic silver, sky blue and pink on the pink biscuits.

Supply List
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