Create these cute baby face cupcakes for any baby shower or Christening celebration following our step by step guide.

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You Will Need

12 Cupcakes baked in Baby Feet Cases: Pink (2220) or Blue (2221) or any other case, to suit.


Apricot jam glaze (or any other jam)

Culpitt Brilliant White Sugarpaste 250g (74229)

Cake Star White Modelling Paste (75001)

Colour Splash Gel Food Colouring:

Pink (0675057), Latte (0675063), Dark Brown (0675076), Black (0675062),Red (0675069), Navy Blue (0675065),Sunflower (0675077).

Colour Splash Food Colouring Powders:

Pale Pink (75117), Black (75127), Nutmeg (75126), Orange (75123), Sunflower (75119).

Cake Star round plunger cutters (84907)

Jem Veiner/Mouth Tool (JC762)

Squires Edible Glue (59663)

Rejuvenator Spirit (5501)

No 1 Brush (0683254)

PME Blossom Plunger Cutter (84390 - optional)

Prepare Your Modelling Paste

Colour white modelling paste. You will need a little of the following colours – white (eyes), black (eyes), red (tongue), pale blue (hats) using navy blue, pale pink (hats and headbands), and sunflower yellow (dummy).


Add colours to the white sugarpaste for the faces -

Light skin tone - use a little pink gel plus a touch of latte. Reserve a tiny piece for the nose and ears. 

Darker skin tone - add dark brown to the light tone colour, reserving a little for the nose and ears.  Cut out circles with large round cutter, for faces, and place onto cupcakes using jam to stick.

Make a small nose and ears for each face and fix with glue.


Use mouth end of veining tool to make closed eyes. Use a sharp pointed knife to make a ‘V’ for crying eyes. Cut white and black modelling paste circles with cutter to make open eyes.


Use mouth end of veining tool to make a ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ mouth. For crying babies, cut a circle of black paste, add a red tongue and two white teeth.


Use pink or blue coloured modelling paste. You will find it easier to use the large round cutter to shape the hat to the top of the head. Add an extra strip across the bottom of the hat, and mark a ‘ribbed’ pattern.

Hair & Hair band

To vary the hair colour, use powder colours, orange (red hair), nutmeg or black (dark hair) and sunflower (blonde hair). Mix each to a paste with rejuvenator (or any other clear edible spirit), and paint hair with a fine brush. Enhance the painted hair with tiny pieces of hair, in the appropriate colour of modelling paste.

Add a strip across the girl faces in pale pink and decorate if wished with tiny flowers.


Cut a small circle of yellow paste and place over mouth. Take a tiny ball of paste, flatten, and glue upright onto circle.


To enhance the cheeks, dust very lightly with pink powder colour.

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