These cute baby shower themed cookies are so simple to make and the ideal party favour for any baby shower!

Supply List
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You Will Need
Cookie dough – your recipe of choice
Pavoni Cookie Plunger Cutter Set of 4 Baby Large (99902)
Culpitt Brilliant White Sugar Paste 250g (74229)
Colour Splash Gel Food Colours – A selection of colours of your choice.
Small Silicone Piping Bags – 83151 (Optional)
PME 1.5 Writing Tube – ST1.5 (Optional)
Step 1

Roll out cookie dough to approx. 4mm thick. Cut out cookies in the four shapes. Bake, following recipe instructions. Remove from oven and leave on baking tray for a few minutes.  Remove from tray and cool completely on a cooling rack.

Step 2

Colour the white sugar paste in your choice of colours for the bottle, pram, bib and rocking horse.

Step 3

Roll and cut out, pushing down the plunger to emboss, and fix onto cookies using jam or piping gel. Colours may be mixed and matched on each cookie if wished.

Step 4

You may simply leave the cookies as they are, or enhance them by piping further detail, and adding various small flowers or other decoration to complete the look!

Supply List
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