This BBQ themed celebration cake is perfect for any summer themed party or why not treat your BBQ loving Dad this Father's day?

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You Will Need
Bowl shaped cake which may be baked in a oven proof mixing bowl, approx 8” diameter. Masked around side with buttercream, ready for icing.
Square Silver Cake Drum Board-12” (06SWD12F)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Red-1kg (0674233)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Black-250g (74218)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Yellow-250g (74222)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-White-250g (74229)
PME Square Cutters-Set of 6 (84575)
Squires The Cake Smoothie-Set of 3 (81205)
Cake Star Push Easy Alphabet Cutters-Uppercase-Set of 26 (84794)
House of Cake Metallic Silver Sugarpaste-100g  (87038)
Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste (0601942)
Selection of Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels
Selection of Colour Splash Food Colouring Powders
Cake Star Brush on Glue Pen-2ml (75154)
Cake Star Shine Glaze Spray-250ml (75052)
Colour Splash Edible Paint-Metallic Silver (75189)
Step 1

Cover board - Roll out red and white sugarpastes. Using 6cm square cutter from the set, cut out squares of red and white and place onto 12” drum board to give a chequered effect. Allow to dry.

Cover cake - Knead and roll out remainder of red sugarpaste, and cover cake. Cut around the base which will become the top rim of the cake, allowing a 2cm overlap when cutting away the surplus icing.

Using the flexible cake smoothies, work over the icing to smooth the surface. Invert the cake and neaten the rim using the extra 2cm allowed. Trim off any extra icing if necessary. 

Mask the remainder of the sponge inside the rim. Cut a circle of black sugarpaste to fit the centre. 

Step 2

Mix a little of red and yellow modelling paste together, to a marbled finish. Roll out into a rough ‘sausage’ shape and slice off thin sections to be used as fire, place randomly onto the black circle.

Step 3

Mix a little black into white paste and mix to a grey to create the 'coals', Make tiny balls, flatten and place onto the black circle to accompany the 'fire'. Place your black circle with fire and coals onto the cake.

Step 4

To make the grill - Knead the silver metallic sugarpaste and roll out into a long, thin ‘sausage’. Cut into lengths to create a circular grid to fit onto the top of the ‘BBQ’. Allow to dry.

Top Tip: Roll out with hands to roughly the diameter required, then use a smoother to roll to a neat, uniform size.

Step 5

Using flower and modelling paste:

BBQ Handles - Make two short ‘sausage’ shapes with paste coloured Dark Brown. Make two tiny balls for each handle with silver metallic paste. Glue to handles and leave to dry. Fix onto ‘BBQ’ with sugarpaste mashed down with a little water. (Or use lengths of spaghetti for support!).

Skewers - Colour a little paste with Soft Caramel or similar colour. Roll out into a very thin ‘sausage’ shape using a smoother to neaten. Cut to length required approx. 4”-5”, and allow to dry. 

To Create the 'Food'

Sweetcorn - Make a thin ‘sausage’ of white paste, and roll out a piece of thick yellow paste to wrap around it. Texture with either a modelling knife, the end of a straw, or a honeycomb texture mat. Leave to dry.

Sausages - Roll out two ‘sausages’ of brown paste (Nude and Latte mixed), and curve slightly. Make indents on top with a cocktail stick, ready to colour later. Leave to dry.

Chicken Drumstick - Colour paste to a pale shade of Soft Caramel. Shape the drumstick with bone sticking out at one end.  Leave to dry.

Kebab - Make ‘steak’ pieces with Dark Brown paste. Using pastes in red, leaf green and lemon, make pieces of pepper.  Make a small hole in the steaks and pieces of pepper. Thread these onto dried skewers.


Tongs - Make a long strip of white paste with a slightly bulbous shape in the centre. Fold in half  and leave to dry with a piece of foam in between. Cut out two shapes in black for the ends. Put drainage holes in if wished using a tiny circle cutter or the end of a plain round nozzle. Leave to dry. Paint the handle of the tongs with silver paint. Fix the black ends onto the handle with a glue of sugarpaste mashed down with water and leave to dry.

‘Dad’ Lettering - Use Black modelling paste to cut out lettering and position onto board.

To Finish:

Using a mixture of black and browns powder colours, paint or brush the colours onto each piece of food, giving a slightly burnt effect. Use black to brush across the grid marks.

Spray all food items with clear edible glaze. Arrange on the cake. Place tongs on the board.

Supply List
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