Bring your bonfire night celebration cakes to life with this bonfire and firework cake design.

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You Will Need
6” Round Deep Cake
8” Round Deep Cake
Round Silver Cake Drum Board - 12” (06RWD12F)
Culpitt 8” White Plastic Cake Dowel Rods - Pack of 4 (4802)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing - Black - 1kg x2 (0674234)
Cake Star Red Modelling Paste - 100g (75013)
Cake Star Orange Modelling Paste - 100g (75134)
Cake Star Yellow Modelling Paste - 100g (75133)
Cake Star Brush on Glue Pen (75154)
Royal Icing
Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste - White - 250g (0601942)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels in various Colours
24 gauge Metallic Gold Florist Wire - Pack of 50 (1384GLD)
Culpitt 5” Silicone Finished Paper Piping Bags - Pack of 10 (83151)
PME Fine Writer Piping Nozzle - 1 (ST1) or (ST1.5)
Clear Micro Plastic Posy Picks - Pack of 6 (84956)
Chocolate matchsticks

Place 8” cake centrally onto board. Cover cake with black sugar paste.

Roll out remaining paste and cover the 6” cake. (Top cake uses approx 1kg and base cake, 500g). Neaten around the bottom edges. Dowel the base cake, cutting off the dowels flush with the surface. Place smaller cake on top in the centre. Allow to dry.


Make the fireworks using the flower/modelling paste coloured with your choice of Colour Splash gel colours. Make some stars in various colours.

Place a wire into all these decorations and allow to dry.

Piped Fireworks

Place a little royal icing into small bowls and colour each amount with colours of your choice.

Place into piping bags fitted with a number 1 nozzle (use a 1.5 if you prefer, but piping will not be as fine).

Pipe a variety of firework designs and colours onto the side of the top cake. (You will find this easier if you have a tilting turntable). Allow to dry.


Using yellow, red and orange modelling pastes, knead and roll out. Cut large shapes of flames in yellow, and fill in with orange and red to give each flame a depth of colour.

Use a double ended cutting wheel tool (84620) to make this easier. Fix onto side of base cake with glue brush.

Place a rolled out strip of leftover black sugar paste around the base of the cake on the board. Use ‘Matchmakers’ or Cigarellos to place around the base for logs. Finish with a brown ribbon around the board edge.

Completion of fireworks

Place a little paste into the posy pick and arrange fireworks and stars into the pick. Position this into the centre top of the cake and carefully push into the cake. 

Note: wires should never be pushed straight into the cake!

Supply List
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