These bride and groom design cake pops are perfect for giving to your guests as favours at your wedding!

Supply List
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You Will Need
Cake crumbs in any flavour to suit
PME Cake Pop Lollipop Sticks-11.5cm-Pack of 50 (800884)
PME Candy Buttons-Black-284g (6068)
PME Candy Buttons-Bright White-284g (44054)
Paper Piping Bag Silicone Finish-5”-Pack of 10 (83151)
PME Fine Writer Piping Nozzle 1 (ST1)
Cake Star White Modelling Paste-100g (75001)
Culpitt Rose Petal Cutter–Set of 3 (81041)
Renshaw Ready to Use Royal Icing-White-400g (0605860)
Wilton Cake Pop Decorating Stand (822654)
Ribbon–Black and White
Step 1

Place cake crumbs into a bowl. Add buttercream very sparingly, mixing into the crumbs with your hands. You are aiming for a mixture which will bind together, not too dry and not too moist. Shape into small balls – an ice cream scoop is very useful for this, and also helps to give a uniform size.

Step 2

Melt a few buttons and dip the ends of the sticks. Insert sticks into the cake pops up to approx. halfway. Freeze for 20 to 30 minutes to firm up which will make dipping easier.

Step 3

Melt black and white buttons following the simple instructions on the packet. Dip each ‘bride’ cake pop into white, and each ‘bridegroom’ into black, tapping carefully on the edge of the container to remove the excess. Use deep, narrow bowls if possible to enable quick and complete dipping. Leave to dry using a polystyrene block or oasis to stand them on if you haven’t a cake pop stand.

Step 4

When dry, decorate the black ‘bridegroom’ ones with a shirt. The smallest single rose petal cutter from the set is useful for this. Cut out and fix with edible glue.  Use some melted chocolate on the end of a brush to add buttons, or pipe.

The white ‘bride’ pops are decorated with a lacy finish. Add some royal icing to a small piping bag fitted with a ‘1’ nozzle (If not happy using a fine nozzle you could use a 1.5 instead).  Pipe fine lines at random all over.  Leave to dry.

Finish all pops with a ribbon. Complete by placing into a clear cellophane bag (15304) tied up with ribbon.

Supply List
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