This buttercream ombre tree trunk cake is ideal for a fairy themed celebration.

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You Will Need
10” round deep cake, masked with apricot jam glaze and left to set.
Selection of Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels in browns/greens/yellows. We used the following:
Tree Trunk-0675066 / Dark Brown-0675076 / Latte-0675063 / Koala-0675073, Leaf-0675078 / Forest Green-0675070 / Lemon-0675056 / Nude-0675074 / Soft Caramel-0675079).
Clear alcohol (gin/vodka)
Flat Dusting Brush - 800081
Step 1

Colour all the buttercream with Soft Caramel gel food colouring to a light brown shade, for the base colour.

Spread buttercream onto the top of the cake and smooth over. Place cake onto a turntable if you have one. Rotate the cake with one hand while using a serrated knife to make the markings radiating from the centre. Add in knife cuts for a realistic look.

Step 2

Spread the remaining buttercream all around the side of the cake – no need to be too precise. Leave to crust over for at least one hour. With the knife, make random vertical marks around the cake side, then using the rounded end of the knife, make indents completely at random to texture for the bark effect. Leave to crust over again for a couple of hours.

Step 3

Dilute the browns, greens and yellow with clear spirit, and paint onto cake, varying the colours to create a realistic bark effect. Add colour onto the top and into the cuts.

To complete, add grass around the base, together with decorations such as leaves, flowers, hedgehogs, mice, squirrels, rabbits, fungi, stones, ladybirds etc.

Supply List
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