Cake Boxes

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When you’ve just spent hours baking the perfect cake, the last thing you want is for it to get ruined on the way to the party. Our range of sturdy cake boxes come in a variety of sizes, and we even stock individual cupcake boxes to keep your little creations safe! Shop our collection of wedding cake boxes, cake slice boxes and Christmas cake boxes so you can rest assured your delicious treats will get to their destination looking (and tasting!) perfect.

If you’re a regular baker, why not browse our extensive selection of cake box packs? Choose from packs of 20 or 50 to suit your needs – they’re perfect for bake sales or fayres!

Looking to give your cake box a little bit of something extra over the festive season? We have a wide range of Christmas cake boxes to choose from, with a selection of designs, colours and characters, so you can match your cake to your personality.

Want to protect that cake that took you days to perfect? Our cake box and board combos are ideal for creations that need a little bit of extra protection. We also stock a wide variety of heavy duty cake boxes – these sturdy, durable boxes will make sure your delicate cakes stay in one piece and don’t get damaged or dented.

Here at The Craft Company, we understand that presentation is everything. That’s why we only stock the finest cake boxes made from the highest-quality materials.  

Alternatively, shop the entire range of cake boards and boxes.