These Chilli Chocolate Bonfire cakes are sure to set your bonfire night celebrations.

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You Will Need
Mini Wonder Mould Tin (823051)
Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix (066106)
1 tsp Ground/Crushed/Powdered Chilli
¼ tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Red (0675069)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Sunflower (0675077)
Cake Star Piping bags (84798)
1M Piping Nozzle (84964)
Chocolate Sticks (such as matchsticks, chocolate fingers etc.)
Step 1

Make up the cake mix following simple instructions on pack. Mix in chilli, pepper and cinnamon. Using the mini wonder mould tin, bake the mixture - it will be sufficient for up to six mini cakes.

Place cakes onto a board. You may sit these onto opened out cupcake cases if you wish.

Step 2

Cover with two tone (make up red and yellow) buttercream, by placing both colours into a piping bag fitted with the 1M nozzle. Pipe ‘flames’ up to the top of each cake.

Add chocolate cigarellos and ‘chillies’ for decoration.

Optional: You may add cookies, baked, with a stick added, and decorated with black/navy blue sugarpaste and piped with ‘firework’ patterns.

Supply List
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