These pretty Christmas bauble cupcakes have been created using our Culpitt Metallic Modelling Pastes and the popular Katy Sue Baubles Mould. The colourful pastes have a beautiful rich sheen that just need enhancing with some gold and silver painted detail. These festive cupcakes are perfect for serving at Christmas parties and can be made by cake decorators of all skill levels.

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You Will Need
12 Cupcakes, baked in your choice of Culpitt foil baking cases.
Katy Sue Baubles Mould (85084)
Culpitt Metallic Modelling Paste – your choice of colours (74240, 74241, 74246, 74247, 74252, 74253, 74254)
Colour Splash Food Colour Sprays – your choice of colours (75030, 75031, 75032, 75034)
House of Cake Edible Glitter Sprays – Gold (75023), Silver (75024) and Rose (75025)
Round Plain/Fluted Cutter (84895)
Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paints – Light Gold (55278) and Light Silver (55279)
PME Ink Pad (800707)
Fine Brush No. 1 (0683254)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Culpitt white or coloured sugarpaste for cupcake tops
Green icing in piping bag fitted with no.1.5 nozzle - optional
Katy Sue Bows Mould (85028) - optional
Step 1

Cover your cupcakes with sugarpaste in your choice of colour using a plain or fluted cutter.  Spray with Colour Splash metallic or iridescent sprays or glitter sprays if wished and allow to dry.

Step 2

Using metallic modelling pastes with the bauble mould, create simple designs in colours of your choice. The mould cavities may be dusted with cornflour sparingly but this is not necessary when using these pastes.

Step 3

The easiest way to use these pastes is to cut off a very small piece at a time and knead well until soft and pliable (one or two seconds in a microwave will help). Press your softened paste into the mould and push it out - it should drop straight out without sticking.

Step 4

For the baubles with raised detailing, use one of the PME ink pads to apply the metallic paint.  Ink pads are handy little tools with a flat sponge on each end, specifically for applying colour neatly and easily to any raised detail. For those baubles with indented detail, you will need to use a fine brush to add the paint.

Step 5

For a special finishing touch for your Christmas bauble cake you can add detailing such as pretty pipings and bows. Complete the look with an additional spritz of glitter spray!

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