Transform a plain cake into a beautiful festive creation with our shimmering Bauble decoration idea! This step-by-step guide is easy to follow and perfect for decorators of any skill level looking for a simple yet impressive Christmas cake design idea this year.

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You Will Need

Katy Sue Mould - Christmas Baubles (85084)
Culpitt Pearl Metallic Modelling Paste - 100g (74246)
Culpitt Ruby Metallic Modelling Paste - 100g (74247)
Culpitt Gold Metallic Modelling Paste - 100g (74240)
Culpitt Green Metallic Modelling Paste - 100g (74254)
Colour Splash Edible Food Colour Spray Hint of Red 100ml (75034)
250g Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugar Paste - Black (74218)
Culpitt Brilliant White Sugar Paste (74229)
Harlequin Dragees 4mm - 25g (DP615A)
Culpitt Smoother and Polisher (84785)
Modelling Tools 8 piece (84784)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)

Step 1

Knead your Culpitt Brilliant White Sugarpaste until smooth and roll it out flat on a non-stick board before covering a cake measuring approximately 6” x 5”. Run your Culpitt Smoother over the paste until you achieve a smooth surface with crisp, sharp edges.

Step 2

Lightly dust some cornflour over your entire Katy Sue mould before use to ease release. Press your pearl modelling paste into the bauble chain moulds to create 14 different chains. Position them evenly around the upper side of your cake and secure in place using edible glue.

Step 3

Press your ruby, green and gold metallic modelling pastes into the moulds to create 14 different coloured baubles. Carefully position a bauble directly below each chain on your cake and secure using edible glue.

Step 4

Use the ball end tool from your modelling tool set to form several patterns of 3 small dents across the top surface of your cake. Apply a small amount of edible glue to your dents and stick a coloured dragees in each one.  The dents will ensure your dragees remain secure until your finished cake is ready for presentation.

Step 5

Use 125g of your black sugarpaste to form a large dome shape. Spray the dome with your Colour Splash Hint of Red food colour spray until you achieve a lovely even colour and secure to the centre of your cake’s top surface using edible glue.

Step 6

Finally, roll your metallic pastes into small balls and secure around your dome centrepiece using edible glue, as shown in the picture. Wrap your cake in some gold Christmas ribbon to give your glistening festive bauble cake the perfect finishing touch!

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