Learn how to make your very own Christmas cracker cake with our simple how-to guide! Perfect for beginners and advanced decorators, this beautiful festive cake design is perfect for serving at parties or as a Christmas Day dessert!

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You Will Need
8” square fruit cake (56238) covered with marzipan and iced ready for decoration (a thin layer of icing at this stage is sufficient) on a 12” square red cake board (06RSWD12)
300g Rice Krispies
400g marshmallows
90g butter
1kg Culpitt White Sugar Paste (0674227)
Colour Splash Food Colour Metallic Spray - Gold (75026)
House of Cake Glitter Spray - Rose (75025)
500g Culpitt Red Sugarpaste (74237) x2
Renshaw Bottle Green Sugarpaste 250g (0602609)
PME large diamond impression mat (800950)
FMM Straight Frill Set 3 (86202)
Christmas sugar decorations (of your choice)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Gum Tragacanth (5502)
Step 1

Add gum Tragacanth to the white sugar paste (4 tsps. to 1kg), knead in and leave to strengthen for 24 hours.

Step 2

Create the Rice Krispie cakes by melting the marshmallows and butter in a saucepan over a low heat and stir in the Rice Krispies.  Spread into a large glass dish and level out the top. Once cool, cut into 8 small rectangle shapes (each rectangle should roughly measure 2” x 4” based on an 8” cake).

Step 3

To create the crackers, take 2 of your Rice Krispie cakes and round off the top edges using your fingers. Cut one cake in half to create the ends of the cracker. Lay the 3 shapes out on a work surface to form the cracker. Repeat this process to create an additional 3 crackers.

Step 4

Roll out the red sugar paste into strips of 8” x 2.75” and place a strip over each of your crackers.  Use your fingers to press the sugar paste down over your crackers to reveal their shape and neaten along the bottom edges. Gently lift each cracker onto your cake side-by-side using a long bladed palette knife, ensuring there are no gaps between them.

Step 5

Spritz the rose glitter over your crackers before adding the snowflake decorations using edible glue.

Step 6

To cover the cake, roll out the white sugar paste and cut into four strips to fit the sides of your cake. Emboss with the diamond impression mat and cut each strip 8 ½” long x 4” deep.  Spray with gold (this may need 2-3 coats for an even finish) and allow to dry for 5 minutes before carefully fixing the strips onto the sides of your cake using edible glue.

Step 7

With the bottle green sugar paste, roll out narrow strips for the top edges, leaving one edge plain and the other cut with the straight frill cutter. Attach to your Christmas cracker cake for a beautiful finishing touch!

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