These festive Christmas themed cupcakes are perfect to make as a special gift!

Supply List
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You Will Need
1x Pack of Wright's Cake Mix (Flavour of your choice)
Brown Baking Cases (2218)
Round cutters (84895)
Teddy Bear Brown Sugarpaste (0602608)
White Sugarpaste 250g (74229)
Chocolate Sugarpaste 250g (74217)
Red Sugarpaste 250g (74237)
Bottle Green Sugarpaste 250g (0602609)
Edible Glue (75053)
Christmas Tree Cupcakes:
Snowflake Cutters (84793)
Gold Stars (54554)
Small Star Cutter (84773)
Red Edible Glitter (55366)
Reindeer Cupcakes:
Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar
Christmas Pudding Cupcakes:
Triple Holly Cutter (84791)
Robin Cupcakes:
Rose Leaf Cutter (84781)
To Make the Cupcakes

Make up cake mix following very simple instructions on pack. Leave mixture as it is, or add other ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, flavourings, fruit etc. and bake.

Tree Cupcakes

Cut out circle of chocolate paste to fit cupcake top. Using bottle green paste and snowflake cutters, make tree using 3 layers of each size cutter. Cut a small star with teddy bear brown paste and glue on the top. This can then be decorated if wished with glitters/sprinkles.

Reindeer Cupcakes

Cut out circle of teddy bear brown paste to fit cupcake top. Cut another circle of chocolate paste slightly smaller and place on top, gently shaping into reindeer’s head. For the nose, cut or shape a round in teddy bear brown and a smaller red nose and fix onto cake. Glue on the eyes. Cut Curly Wurly bars for antlers, make 2 small ears and glue all in place.

Robin Cupcakes

Cut out circle of chocolate paste to fit cupcake top. Cut a smaller circle in red for breast and fix in place. Cut 4 leaves for wings, and place 2 on each side.Glue on eyes, and in teddy bear Brown, cut a triangle for beak, and make 2 feet.

Pudding Cupcakes

You will need a circle of chocolate paste slightly larger than the top of the cupcake. This should be domed into a pudding shape by adding buttercream onto the cupcake top to fill the void space. (or you can use any of the cupcakes which have risen into a dome when baking!!). Cut white paste into a shape to resemble custard poured over, and place on top, finishing with a green holly sprig.

Supply List
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