Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with this colourful two tiered Christmas present cake design! With its pretty holly berry, penguin and snowflake wrapping paper designs topped off with a beautiful ruby bow, this lovely cake is perfect for serving at festive parties. Make your own by following our simple step-by-step guide below.

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You Will Need
Bottom tier - 8” x 5” cake
Culpitt Chocolate Sugar Paste (72417)
Culpitt Brilliant White Sugar Paste (74229)
FMM Embossed Rolling Pin - Hessian (81729)
Christmas Friends Sugar Pipings (06377)
Culpitt Snowflake Plunger Cutters - Set of 3 (84793)
Royal Icing (0605860)
Colour Splash Airbrush Food Colour - Brown (75183)
PME Jem No 2 Piping Tube (800985)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)


Top tier - 6” x 5” cake
Culpitt Brilliant White Sugar Paste (74229)
Culpitt Ruby Metallic Modelling Paste - 100g (74247)
Colour Splash Airbrush Food Colour - Leaf Green (75180)
Sugarflair Airbrush Colour - Glitter Green (54379)
Colour Splash Edible Pen - Brown (75140)
Colour Splash Edible Pen - Green (75142)
Cake Dowel Rods (4802)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Leaf and Bow Stencil PDF
Step 1

Mix 1 part chocolate sugarpaste with 40 parts white sugar paste to create the shade Stone. Roll out your coloured sugar paste and texture it using the FMM embossed rolling pin in ‘Hessian’.

Step 2

For an extra defined effect, cover your bottom tier cake with your white sugar paste using the panelling method as opposed to draping the cake. To do so, measure out panels from your sugar paste to fit the top and each side of your cake, using buttercream to secure in place. If need be, use a smoother to achieve a smooth right angle on each corner.

Step 3

Cut your sugar paste into large triangles and attach over each of your 4 side panels to create the wrapping paper folds. Once these are secure, shade the cake with the Cassie Brown airbrush ink for an added effect. You can also use the airbrush spray to mark where your top tier will rest.

Step 4

For the wrapping paper decorations, roll out some white sugar paste and use your shaped cutter to create several snowflakes. Cut some into halves and quarters to place on the edges of your cake for a more realistic wrapping paper look. Attach your snowflakes and your choice of the Christmas Friends sugar pipings randomly across your cake using edible glue.

Step 5

You can create the white spotted pattern by pressure piping some royal icing. To do so, simply pipe on your royal icing with the No. 2 nozzle and continuously increase and decrease the amount of pressure until you have created an ornate raised ball of icing.

Step 6

Sheet your smaller cake with white icing, using the same panelling method as used with the bottom tier. Place on a turntable and use your green airbrush colours to create various leaf shapes. We have provided you with a leaf template with 3 different sizes that you can print and cut out to use as a stencil. Spray the leaves evenly across your cake until it is covered and leave to dry for 10-15 minutes.

Step 7

To create the berries, roll out approximately 20 small balls using your ruby modelling paste. Use the ball end tool from your modelling tool set to form several indents across the top surface of your cake. Apply a small amount of edible glue to each indent and stick a ruby berry in each one. This will ensure they remain securely in place until your finished cake is ready for presentation.

Step 8

Draw the branches coming off the leaves using your brown and green Colour Splash edible pens. Once the decorations are complete and dry, stack your 2 cakes using your dowel as support.

Step 9

Use our Christmas bow template and ruby modelling paste to create your festive bow, looping the ribbons together and layering them until the bow is complete. Create the ribbon ends by rolling out your ruby modelling paste and cutting out several strips measuring 25mm x 100mm. Cut a triangle shape out the end of each strip and attach to the centre of your upper tier before attaching your bow.

Step 10

Complete your Christmas present cake by placing it on a festive red board at an angle. You can also use your white sugar paste and edible pens to create gift tags to add to the board for an extra special finishing touch.

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