Christmas is a wonderful season to get creative with delicious treats so what better time to try out these lovely mini wreath doughnuts. These beautiful treats are simple to make and perfect for decorators of any skill level. Make your own doughnuts or use shop bought ones!

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You Will Need
12 store bought doughnuts or bake your own!
Cake Star White Modelling Paste (75001)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels - Red (0675069), Green Leaf (0675078) and Forest Green (0675070)
Colour Splash Food Colour Metallic Sprays - Pearl (75032), Silver (75031) and Gold (75030)
House of Cake Edible Glitter Sprays - Gold (75023), Silver (75024) and Rose (75025)
Cookie Icing (6120)
Culpitt Ivy Leaf Plunger Cutter - small (84780)
Culpitt Holly Leaf Plunger Cutter - small (84792)
Dragees - choose from Silver (DP613) or Gold (DP614A)
Katy Sue Bows Mould (85028)
Katy Sue Holly Trio Mould (85085) - Optional
Katy Sue Small Bells Mould (85024) - Optional
Step 1

Colour ¼ of the white modelling paste with the Green Leaf gel, another ¼ with the Forest Green gel and a small amount with the Red gel, leaving the remainder white.

Step 2

Cut out a selection of ivy leaves with the Green Leaf paste and a selection of the leaf hollies with both the Forest Green and white paste. Use the Red paste to make a several bows with the smallest bow mould.  Alternatively, any of these may be made using only the white paste and sprayed afterwards to create pearl, gold and silver decorations.

Step 3

Make up approximately ¼ pack of Cookie Icing to a coating consistency. Spread the icing over the top of each of your doughnuts.

Step 4

Before the icing has set, arrange the ivy leaves, holly leaves and bows (and bells if used) around to create a wreath.

Step 5

For a spectacular sparkling finish to your Christmas doughnuts, spray them with your choice of Colour Splash metallic sprays and House of Cake glitter sprays!

Supply List
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