This colourful naked cake is perfect for any rustic themed wedding, and so simple to make using this step by step guide!

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You Will Need
Sponge cakes (either Victoria or Madeira recipe). Each tier of cake made up with minimum of 3 layers. Our cake is base 8” and top 5” diameter.
12” Round drum board (06RWD12F)
Renshaw vanilla frosting – (0605813 or make your own)
Colour Splash Gel Food Colours –
Lemon (0675056), Green (0675059), Pale Pink (0675131), Navy Blue (0675065).
250g Renshaw Teddy Bear Brown Sugarpaste (0602608)
PME Impression mat - Bark (800953)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder Nutmeg (75126)
Sugar Soft Extra Large Roses White (21307)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder Pale Pink (75117)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder Ruby (75122)
12” Dowel rods (4803)
4” Single Thick Round Board (06STR4)
Step 1

Cover board with sugarpaste. Emboss with bark embosser, and dust at random with nutmeg dust colour to enhance the rustic look, so good for this type of cake! Allow to dry.

Divide frosting and make up separate batches of colours, using Colour Splash gel colours.

Step 2

Place a layer of the base cake onto board slightly offset, fixing with a little buttercream. Assemble layers of base cake, by spreading chosen colour of buttercream onto each layer of cake with extra around the edge of each. Add jam if required. Stack up and spread surplus buttercream around the joins of each layer, adding in more if required to create a surface flush with the cake.

Step 3

Place dowel rods into base cake, just within the diameter of the top tier, cutting flush with surface of cake.

Place the thin card onto the centre of the base cake, over the dowels, fixing with a little buttercream. Place a layer of the top cake onto this and assemble the layers of the top cake as for base cake.

Step 4

Decorate, preferably at the venue, with fresh flowers, sugar flowers and/or fruit. Crystallised flowers (these should be edible and organically grown or from the garden at home) are also an option, and are very trendy at the moment.  

There are plenty of suitable spring flowers at this time of year, such as pansies, primroses, violets. Brush flower front and back with egg white and sprinkle on a little caster sugar. Place on baking parchment and leave to dry overnight.

Step 5

We have used a combination of fresh crystallised flowers, fruit and sugar roses. The roses are white and have been dusted with pale pink and ruby food colouring powders. Or dust with colours of your choice.

Place your chosen cake topper onto the top cake to finish.

Top Tips For Cakes

Bake in deep tins rather than shallower sandwich tins to obtain deep, even sides. Each cake can be cut into 2 layers after baking to save baking each layer separately.

Aim for each layer to be a minimum of 1½” depth and to be fairly equal in size (weigh the mixture for each layer before baking).

Bake as late as possible before the wedding (or bake and freeze) to guarantee that the cakes remain fresh. 

To keep the cakes moist for the day or two before the wedding or event, make up some sugar syrup in equal quantities of sugar and water. Dissolve the sugar in water and bring to the boil, and boil for 1 minute. Leave to cool, and flavour if wished. Brush over the surface of each layer and leave to soak in for ½ hour.

Supply List
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