This fantastic dinosaur cake can be created using our Cake Star Push Easy shape cutters and a range of our Colour Splash gels.

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You Will Need
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Lime (0675081)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Latte (0675063)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Green (0675059)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Pistachio (0675080)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Black (0675062)
Cake Star White Modelling Paste - 500g (75000)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing - Brilliant White (0674227)
Cake Star Edible Glue Tube (75053)
Cake Star Push Easy Cutters – Shapes (84817)
Cake Star Mini Push Easy Alphabet Cutters – Uppercase (84861)
Cake Star cake decorating kit (0684797)
Culpitt 9" Rolling Pin with Guides (84788)
Craft knife
Round Grass Green Cake Board - 12" (06GNRWD12)
Renshaw Vanilla Frosting - 400g (0605813)
7” round dome cake baked in Wilton 3D Sports Ball Cake Tin Set (79972)
Step 1

Cut and fill your Dome cake. Colour 1kg of Culpitt brilliant white sugar paste with lime Colour Splash gel.


Step 2

Place the cake onto the green round board with a little frosting. Place the cake toward the rear of the board as pictured. Cover your dome cake with the lime paste and place the off cut paste aside for the next step. Use a smoother to achieve a nice finish.

Step 3

Use some the remaining lime paste and roll into a sausage 200mm (L) x 40mm (W) this will be the dinosaur’s tail. Place any excess paste aside.

Using a smoother create a rounded triangular shape tapered to one end, then cut off a small potion of the thicker end as pictured to finish the tail.

Step 4

Using edible glue fit the tail to your dome cake and curl round towards the front as pictured.

Step 5

Weigh out portions of Cake Star modelling paste to be coloured with Colour Splash gels. 260g in Lime, 80g in Latte, 60g in Pistachio, 60g in Green, 20g in Black and leave 20g uncoloured white. Colour your modelling paste as listed.

Step 6

Roll out your Latte paste and cut out and emboss 13 large stars and three of each from the triple star Push Easy cutters.

Step 7

With a craft knife cut the bottom two points from 10 stars, cut two in half and leave one whole, then cut the bottom two point from all of the smaller star from the triple cutter. Place these aside and allow to dry for some time. See picture:

Step 8

Weigh out 200g of your Lime modelling paste and divide the remaining portion into four pieces. Create four legs from the remaining Lime paste by firstly rolling into a short sausage then flatten out and taper as pictured.

Add the four legs to your cake using edible glue.

Step 9

To make the dinosaur head firstly pinch off a small portion of the 200g ball of Lime modelling paste and cut one large circle from the triple circle cutter.


Add the remaining paste back into the main ball of Lime paste. Roll the Lime paste into a smooth ball, taper it off to one end and flatten the other with the palm of your hand. Using your thumb indent the flat end inwards to approximately match the curve of your cake, then with your finger gentle push the paste down two thirds toward the curve end to create a nose bridge as pictured. With edible glue stick the head to the cake.

Step 10

Using the thin end of a veining tool from your Cake Star cake decorating kit mark out the dinosaur’s smile on his face then end the smile with the smiley tool, with the ball tool indent the nostrils, then gently mark the centre of the brow with the large end of the veining tool as pictured.

Step 11

Cut the Lime circle in half and stick to the dinosaur’s head to create eye lids.

Step 12

Find a straight line between the dinosaur’s head and his tail but do not mark. Place the first of four large stars with the bottom two points removed 10mm to one side of the centre line. To help the star stick to the dinosaur cake use edible glue and a tiny ball of latte paste behind the star as pictured. Equally space the other three stars out on one side then follow the same pattern on the other side 10mm from the centre line. See picture.

Step 13

Using the same techniques add the two half cut stars to the base of the tail 10mm apart then add the smaller star beginning with the largest to the smallest at the end of the tail.

Step 14

Gather the cut off large star points and add to the dinosaur back offset 10mm from the main star and in between as picture continue down to the tail with the other off cut stars in the same pattern.

Step 15

To finish the spiky tail gather your remaining off cut star points and the single large star cut this in half and with edible glue stick to ether side of the tail, stick two, two pointed star off cuts at angle facing outwards onto the end of the tail then finish by cut out a single point and sticking into the middle of the end of the tail.

Step 16

Roll out all your three Modelling paste colours Latte, green and Pistachio and cut as many circle with the triple circle cutter as your paste will allow. Cut six of the smallest circles of latte modelling paste in half and stick these to the legs straight edge down to create toes.

Step 17

Using edible glue begin to stick the three colours randomly about the body and head remembering to space them out and not have to many of the same colours together.

Step 18

To finish the head cut out one large circle with the triple circle cutter in white and then one of the smallest circle in black. Cut both of these in half then add the black on top of the white with both straight edges flush together.

Add these under the eye lids with edible glue.

Step 19

To complete the cake use your Mini upper case Cake Star push easy letters to cut your desired name and age.

Use the lip of the cake board as a guide to arc them around the board.

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