Create cute Easter bunny cupcakes following our easy step-by-step guide!

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You Will Need
Chocolate Cupcakes 
13” Round Drum Board (06RWD13F)
500g Lincoln green Sugarpaste (0602687)  
250g Chocolate Flavour Sugarpaste (55195)
100g White Sugarpaste (0602916)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels:
  • Pink (0675057)
  • Violet (0675060) 
  • Black (0675062) 
  • Lemon (0675056)
Baking cases of your choice
Cake Star plain/fluted circle cutter (84895)
PME Rabbit Cutters (84357)
Culpitt Blossom Plunger Cutter (84772)
Step 1

Cover drum board with Lincoln green sugarpaste.

Cover each cupcake with a circle of chocolate flavour sugarpaste.

Step 2

Colour a walnut size piece of white sugarpaste with each of the food colours to a pastel shade. Cut out rabbits, including white, and a number of tiny blossoms in various colours and leave to dry.

Step 3

Using green sugarpaste, cut out grass for each cupcake – roll out a long strip of paste approx. 1” wide. With a sharp pointed knife, cut into one long edge, to create blades of grass. (See illustration).

Cut strip into approx. 3” lengths, brush with a little clear spirit or boiled water, and roll up. Moisten base of grass and stick onto each cupcake, curving individual blades over to create shape. Place a rabbit(s) in the centre of each.

Step 4

Arrange cupcakes on the iced board, and embellish the board with the blossoms, and if wished, further grass.

Supply List
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