This Father's day car cake is perfect for any car lovers Father's day celebration!

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You Will Need
14” x 10” Drum Board (06SWD14x10F)
1kg Brilliant White Sugarpaste (0674227)
250g Black Sugarpaste (74218)
Colour Splash Metallic Silver Lustre Spray (75031)
Colour Splash Black Gel Food Colouring Paste (0675062)
Colour Splash Lemon Gel Food Colouring Paste (0675056)
Colour Splash Red Gel Food Colouring Paste (0675069
Round Cutters 55mm/40mm (84548)
FMM 5 Petal Cutter 35mm (86386)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
PME Double Ended Cutting Wheel (84620)
Colour Splash Black Edible Pen (75141)
Step 1

Bake your cake in a rectangular tin, using a 5 egg mixture. Once baked and cooled , carve into a car shape, mask with buttercream ready for icing.

Reserving approx. 100g white sugarpaste, colour the remainder into a light shade of grey, using the black gel colouring. Colour a tiny amount of paste red and yellow, just enough for the lights and rear number plate.

Step 2

Place cake onto drum board and cover with grey sugarpaste, carefully rubbing fingers over it to show the wheel and window outlines etc. Trim and neaten around the bottom edge of cake.  (There should be plenty of sugarpaste left over, keep this covered to one side).

Top Tip: Continue with the decoration as you have to outline the features of the car before the cake dries.

Step 3

Spray whole car sparingly with silver lustre spray.  Allow to dry and spray a second coat. This will give a better finish than if you do just one thick coat.

Alternatively, you could use an airbrush kit with Colour Splash Pearl Silver Airbrush Colour (75184).  

Cut out wheels with black sugarpaste – use larger round cutter to cut out, and smaller cutter to emboss the tyre shape. Use the 5 petal cutter to emboss the middle of the wheels. Fix onto car using edible glue. If wished, the inner wheels may be painted silver.


Step 4

Mix 50g of the reserved white paste into a little of the leftover grey sugarpaste to lighten the colour a little, and cut out the car windows. This will be easier if you make a paper template, using the tin as a guide. Attach windows / windscreen to the car.  

While icing is still fresh, draw lines with the cutting wheel to accentuate the wheels, windows, doors and main body of the car.

Step 5

Add black bumpers (front, rear and sides), car lights, (white front and red rear), and number plates, (white front and yellow rear). The number plates may have any personalised inscription of choice. For this Father’s Day cake we have added ‘No 1 Dad’ using the black cake pen onto dry icing. For the car lights, simply make a ball of paste and flatten out into a circle. Add badges if wished.

Step 6

Add a stripe across the car, using the remaining white paste, and if wished, add a coloured, narrower stripe to decorate further. A number 1 has been added onto the car roof also.

The decoration on the car may be adapted to suit your theme. For any other occasion simply add a flower, a chequered stripe, or more colours. Make the front headlights into eyes with eyelashes! Have the windows open and model figures leaning out!  A football supporter’s car could have flags and/or scarves flying out of the window!  Make a racing/rally car, or a ‘monster’ truck with large wheels.

Supply List
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