This gardening celebration cake is perfect for any gardening enthusiast this Father's Day!

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You Will Need
10” Square Sponge Cake, masked with buttercream, on a 13” square drum board, slightly offset towards the back.
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Brilliant White -1kg (0674227)
FMM Garden Set (8170FGS) or available separately
Cake Star Texture Mat-Set of 6 (84870)
Cake Star Male Gardener Cake Topper Decoration (06222024)
Cake Star Modelling Paste- White - 100g (75001)
Cake Star Modelling Paste - Brown - 100g (75132)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel - Leaf - 25g (0675078)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels – Selection of colours 
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Step 1

Using approx. 150g brown modelling paste, knead well, and roll out thinly. Emboss with the woodgrain texture sheet, and cut out all the pieces for the garden shed with the ‘More than a birdhouse’ cutter, following the simple instructions given. If you wish, cut out a door and window(s). Leave to dry.

Colour 1.5kg sugarpaste with leaf green gel colouring. Cover the cake, and take sugarpaste out to the edge of the board. Neaten and leave to dry.

Step 2

Using the white modelling paste, knead well and cut out the picket fence (4 pieces per side = 16 pieces). One section could be the garden gate. Leave to dry.

Make up the garden shed by fixing the pieces together with brown icing (for this mix a little leftover brown modelling paste with water to make a ‘gunge glue’ to a tacky consistency. (Top Tip:This is easier and neater if piped onto the pieces!)  Add green ‘roofing felt’ if wished. When dry, place in position on the cake. If you’ve cut out a door, make some hinges with modelling paste coloured black, and fix a slightly open door in place.

Step 3

Fix the picket fence in place around the cake. (Use white ‘gunge glue’). Add hinges to the gate and fix gate in place slightly ajar.

Now decide what you wish to include in the remainder of the garden, with the shed as the focal point. You will need modelling paste coloured with a variety of gel food colours for flowers, vegetables and pots etc. 

Optional Extras

Freshly mown lawn – use strips of sugarpaste in two shades of green, with a section of unmown grass stippled onto the cake.

Lawnmower – a piece of paste formed into an oblong shape. 4 black wheels placed on each corner, with a small black motor on top. Make a handle, allow to dry, and glue onto the body of the lawnmower.

Path – leftover pieces of black, grey and brown modelling paste kneaded together to create a marbled effect, and formed into randomly shaped circles.

Flowers – a variety placed around garden picket fence, and on top. 

Garden pots – use red, orange and brown to make terracotta colour. Shape some small ones, and include two larger ones with a simple green bush in each.

Raised bed for vegetables – four strips of brown for wooden edges. Grated piece of brown paste preferably dried, for soil.

Vegetables – for modelling any vegetables, have a sample of the real thing in front of you.

Tools – spade, trowel and fork. Again have the real tools to copy if possible. Silver powder mixed to a paint with rejuvenator spirit, plus brown for the handles.

Ivy – use a very small ivy cutter for leaves to climb over the shed.

Shed – use leaf gelatine for the glass on the window


Finally, make a sign ‘DAD’S SHED’ to place over the shed door. A black edible food pen (Colour Splash 75141) is ideal for this, and very handy to keep in your box of colours!

Supply List
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