This Giant Christmas cupcake is the perfect fun alternative to traditional Christmas cakes! Simple and easy to follow guide.

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You Will Need
Cake (base & top) baked in the giant cupcake tin (79975). We have baked a fruit cake in the base, and a sponge cake in the top. The base takes mixture the equivalent of a 7” round tin, the top, the same as a 6” round tin.
250g Culpitt Sugarpaste - White (74229)
11" Round Drum Board (06RWD11F)
500g Marzipan (55164)
250g Culpitt Sugarpaste – Chocolate flavour (74217)
FMM Tree Bark Embossing Mat – optional (86254)
6" Single Thick Board (06STR6)
2x Buttercream (0605813 or make your own)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Forest Green (0675070)
Large Drop Flower Nozzle (84971SP)
Cake Star piping bags (84798)
Gingerbread Man (06366)
Christmas Characters (06276)
Christmas Baubles (06373)
Any other Christmas sugar decorations of your choice.
Renshaw flower & modelling paste – White (0601942)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Red (0675069)
Star Cutters (84773) - optional
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder - Pearl - Pure Gold (75091)
Gold Edible Glitter (55378)
Tappit Toy Icing Cutter (86256)
Step 1

Place the top cake on a thin board the same size as the cake. You will then be able to remove it a lot easier for cutting. Cover the 11” board with white sugarpaste. Leave to dry.

Step 2

This next bit may be easier if you turn the cake upside down first - Roll out the marzipan to a long rectangle and cut to fit around side of base cake. Stick to the cake with warmed apricot jam glaze. Repeat the same process with the brown sugarpaste, sticking with gin/vodka onto the marzipan. You may texture vertically with embossing mat at this stage (optional).

Step 3

Mix a little of the green colouring with the buttercream. Place top sponge cake onto thin board, and place onto base cake, fixing with icing. Mask with a little of the green buttercream. Using large drop flower nozzle and green buttercream, pipe ‘branches’ onto top cake.

Step 4

Add decorations of your choice. We used a selection of ready-made, but you could make your own. The tinsel is optional and was made with flower paste – ½ white and ½ red, rolled out very thinly, stuck together, then cut into narrow strips using strip cutter, and twisted. The star was cut from white flower paste and painted with gold lustre dust mixed to a paint with gin, vodka or water, and covered with glitter.

Step 5

If you wish, you can make parcels for the bottom of the tree, or make a sack and use the FMM Toy cutter, placing the toys spilling out of the sack around the tree.

Supply List
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