This greedy unicorn cake is the latest idea in the ever popular unicorn cake trend! Featuring funfetti sponge and a cute unicorn decoration this unicorn themed cake is perfect for any celebration.

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You Will Need
For the Cake:
Purple Cupcakes Vermicelli Sprinkle Mix-Shimmer Multi (25106)
10” Round Cake Drum Board-Cerise (06CRWD10)

Bake a 6” or 7” Round Deep Cake, adding the Sprinkle Mix to the sponge before baking. Allow to cool before placing offset onto cerise board.

For the decoration:

Renshaw Vanilla Frosting-400g (0605813) x3
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel Set-Unicorn (750CSU)
Cake Star Plain Smoother/Scraper -Set of 2 (84892)
Purple Cupcakes Unicorn Sprinkle Mix-100g (25113)
Purple Cupcakes Rainbow Sprinkle Mix-100g (25110)

For the unicorn model:

Cake Star White Modelling Paste-100g (75000)
Various Colour Splash Gel Food Colourings
Colour Splash Edible Paint-Metallic Gold (75187)
Cake Star Brush on Glue Pen-2ml (75154)
Cake Decoration

Divide frosting between four bowls and colour with the unicorn set of colours - pink, lemon, blue and violet. Spread each colour onto the cake side, randomly. Smooth with the cake smoother/scraper until you have a neat finish.

Take a piece of sponge out of the side of the cake at the front base, sufficiently large enough to accommodate the unicorn model. Add sprinkles around the side of the cake.

Unicorn Model

Knead 55g white modelling paste for the body, and 20g for the head, of the unicorn, reserving the remainder for the legs, and small pieces, coloured, for the mane and tail. Include a tiny piece of black for the eyes.

Make the body shape with a fat tummy, Make a head with nostrils and mouth marked. Add horn and ears. Add black eyes and eyebrows. Attach head to body with glue then add a pink tongue to the mouth.

Make hind and forelegs with hooves attached and fix onto the body. Paint horn and hooves with gold paint. Make thin multi coloured strips of paste for the mane and tail, and attach with glue.

Place unicorn on board against the part of the cake which is cut out. Add a few cake crumbs for effect!

Supply List
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