Our Greenery wedding cake design fits in perfectly with the pantone colour of the year. These Greenery cupcakes are the ideal accompaniment to the Greenery wedding cake!

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You Will Need
Plain cupcake mixture
Green Foil cases (2306)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gels-Greens (750CSG)
Cake Star Disposable Piping Bags (84798)
Piping Nozzle 1M
White Sugar Flowers (06390)
Ombre Sponge Cupcakes

Make up the sponge mixture and divide into three bowls. Colour one bowl dark green (we used green leaf and green), then colour the second bowl in a much paler green. Leave the third bowl plain.

Place a little dark green mixture into the base of the cupcake cases, followed by the pale green, and finishing with the plain up to ¾ full. Bake, and cool completely.

Pipe swirls of plain buttercream onto each cupcake (start outside finishing in the centre) and decorate with the white flowers!

Ombre Buttercream Cupcakes

Place plain sponge into cupcake cases up to ¾ full. Bake, and cool completely.

Divide buttercream into three bowls as follows - colour ¼ dark green, ¼ pale green and ½ plain (we used green leaf and green). You may wish to try the other greens in the set – it’s your choice!

Place buttercream into the piping bag, starting with dark green (approx. 1 tbspn -no more), followed by the same amount of medium green. Finish with a much larger amount of plain.  (Fill the bag sufficiently to be able to pipe a swirl onto each cupcake. Too little and you will have difficulty piping the swirl onto the cupcake in one go!).

Decorate with white flowers.

Supply List
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