Impress everyone at your Halloween party with this bumpkin pumpkin cake!

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You Will Need
For The Cake:
4lb Spherical Tin (or 2 oven proof pudding basins) 88504
12” Round Cake Drum Board - 06RWD12F
4x 250g Orange Sugarpaste - 74251
1kg Black Sugarpaste - 0674234
1x 250g White Sugarpaste - 74229
Colour Splash Food colouring gel - Sunflower - (For the straw) - 0675077
Colour Splash Food colouring gel - Dark Brown (For the hat and mice) - 0675076
Ball Tool - 0684797
Round Cutters - (to cut holes in hat) - 84895
Colour Splash Edible food pen - Black - 75141
Colour Splash Dusting Powder - Nutmeg (for hat aging) optional - 75126
15mm Ribbon (for board edge)
For The Cake pops:
PME Orange candy buttons - 6059
Lollipop sticks - 15294
Renshaw royal icing - 0605860
Cake Star piping bags - 84798
Colour Splash Food colouring gel - Black - 0675062
Colour Splash Food colouring gel - Green - 0675059
Step 1

Bake cake using spherical tin, or by using two pudding basins (sandwich the cakes together after baking).Shape slightly by cutting out a little at the top, and very slight grooves down the sides.

Step 2

Cover board with very thin black sugarpaste, allow to dry, and finish edge with ribbon.Cover cake with orange sugarpaste, marking grooves down sides using ball tool. (This may be done using your finger, remember, you should have already marked the grooves in the sponge). There will be quite a bit of paste left over from this. Leave to dry.

Step 3

Place cake onto board (use some orange paste mashed down with water for a ‘tacky’ glue to fix cake to board)

Step 4

Make arms and legs for pumpkin and fix in place using the orange ‘tacky’ glue.Make eyes with a little white and black sugarpaste.

Step 5

To make the Bumpkin Hat

Cut a circle of cardboard approx. 8” diameter.  Make one cut towards the centre and form a cone shape. Glue into place.

Step 6

Colour a small piece of white sugarpaste with yellow for straw. (The paste may be strengthened with Gum Tragacanth or CMC powder if you wish). Cut into thin strips and leave to dry.

Step 7

Using the cone as a base, cover with black sugarpaste rolled thinly.Colour the leftover orange sugarpaste a darker brown.  Roll out and cut a circle to fit over the black.

Step 8

Texture with anything you have handy, such as a scouring pad. Cut assorted size ‘mouse’ holes in the brown paste.  Place onto hat.Make little mice heads, tails and paws to fit into the mouse ‘holes’, and one or two complete mice for the board and/or the top of the hat.Add pairs of ‘spooky’ eyes to fit into the larger holes in the hat.

For the Cake pops

Mould a rounded shape cake pop onto your lollipop sticks.

Melt the candy melts, pour them over your cake pops and add your decorative eyes before it sets.

Using a little royal icing and a piping bag you can add wickedly spikey green punk hair to your pumpkin to complete the punk look!

Supply List
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