Use the FMM More than a birdhouse cutter to create this spooky haunted house Halloween cake!

Supply List
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You Will Need
6” Round Deep Cake-masked with buttercream.
8” Round Deep Cake-masked with buttercream.
Round Silver Cake Drum Board-12” (06RWD12F)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Deep Blue-250g (74249) x2
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Purple-250g (74231) x6
8” White Plastic Cake Dowel Rods-Pack of 4 (4802)
FMM More than a Birdhouse Cutter-Set of 4 (81700)
Various Modelling Tools from Cake Star cake decorating kit (0684797)
Cake Star Black Modelling Paste-100g (75002)
Cake Star Orange Modelling Paste-100g (75134)
Cake Star Brown Modelling Paste-100g (75132)
Cake Star White Modelling Paste-100g (75001)
Katy Sue Halloween Mould-The Bat Mat (86556)
Katy Sue Halloween Mould-Ghosts (86557)
FMM Impression Mat-Cobblestone and Stone Wall (86255)
Cake Star Mini Push Easy Alphabet Cutters-Upper Case-Set of 26 (84861)
Cake Star Writing Icing-Red (0675238)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Green Leaf-25g (0675078)
Jem Small Grass Piping Nozzle-233 (800987)
Silicone Finished Paper Piping Bag-7”-Pack of 8 (83152)
Renshaw Ready to Use Royal Icing-White-400g (0605860)
Colour Splash Food Colour Spray-Matt-Black-100ml (75040)
Colour Splash Food Colour Spray-Metallic-Pearl-100ml (75032)
Colour Splash Edible Pen-Black (75141)
Cake Star Edible Glue Tube-20g (75053)
Step 1

Mix together all dark blue and purple sugar pastes, and cover both cakes.

Place large cake onto drum board, offset to the back. Place smaller cake on top, offset to the back, but ensuring you have first placed dowel rods into the base cake in the correct position to support the top cake. Roll out more sugar paste and place on the board around the base.

Step 2

Make the parts of the haunted house, using your chosen style with the More than a Birdhouse Cutter Set. Include a base for the house. Cut out a door and window, and make tiles for the roof. Leave all parts to dry thoroughly. When dry, fix parts together with black ’gunge’ glue (black paste and glue), and leave to dry. You may wish to spray the house with a light random pearl finish.

Step 3

Make the path up to the house. Take half the pack of black flower and modelling paste, and mix with some white and a little brown modelling paste to a marbled finish.

Roll out a narrow strip of paste long enough to reach from the board edge at the base up to the house at the top. Impress with a cobblestone effect, and finish with a light spray of black and pearl.

Fix onto cake with edible glue (you may wish to cut the path into sections to make this easier!).

Step 4

Using any paste left over from the path, plus the remainder of the black flower and modelling paste, make a ‘rock’ for the house to stand on. Position this on the top cake and texture with the veining tool.

Make or model the following pieces using appropriate coloured modelling paste, and leave to dry -

‘Trick or Treat’ Letters - White
Ghosts - White
Pumpkins - Orange
Bats - Black
Crosses - Grey
Headstones - Grey (coffin cutter). Add RIP to each with black pen when dry.
Bones - White
Step 5

Position the lettering onto the front of the cake. To give an authentic ‘ghostly’ feel to the cake, spray lightly at random with black, to include the letters. Add ‘blood’ to drip off the base of the letters.

Model trees directly onto the cake with black or brown paste, and use veining tool to mark the bark.

Step 6

Position all pieces onto the cake, piping grass (royal icing coloured with green gel) in appropriate places.

To complete the cake, place house onto the ‘rock’ at the top, and fix with ‘gunge’ glue (edible glue and black paste mashed together).

Supply List
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