Your guests will be seriously shocked with the surprise that lies inside this Halloween Pumpkin Piñata Cake!

Supply List
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You Will Need
10" Round Cake Tin (800831)
Cake Star Cake Release Spray-100ml (75148)
10 Egg Sponge Mixture
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-25g-Sunflower (0675077) or Orange (0675055)
13” Round Silver Cake Drum Board (06RWD13F)
4x Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Orange-250g (74251)
2x Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Purple-250g (74231)
Cake Star Green Modelling Paste-100g (75136)
Cake Star Brown Modelling Paste-100g (75132))
Cake Star Black Modelling Paste-100g (75002)
Cake Star Mini Push Easy Alphabet Cutters-Uppercase-Set of 26 (84861)
Halloween Spider Cupcake Decoration Ring (06SP102) or any other edible sweets/chocolates.
Step 1

Using a 5 egg mixture for each sponge bake 2x 10" round cakes. Sponge can be coloured by adding either sunflower or orange food gel to the mixture.

Bake at 175ºC/160ºC Fan for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and cool completely. Carefully shape the cakes so they are rounded into a pumpkin shape. (For added effect, cut small indents into the sponge to create the ribbed effect once decorated)

Step 2

Invert one half of cake, and place onto board offset to the back. Cut put a small circle of sponge from the centre and mask with buttercream.

Cut out another small circle of spong from the top half, Spread a filling of your choice onto the top. Place the second cake on the top, and mask with buttercream. (There is no need to mask the inside surface of the cakes around the centre).

Step 3

Place plastic spiders (If using these spiders make sure all are removed from the cake before eating, Alternatively you could use an edible option such as jelly worms etc.) down into the centre of the cake, filling it up to just below the top.

Knead and roll out the orange sugar paste and cover the whole cake in one piece. Using a finger, define the indents all around the ‘pumpkin’.

Step 4

Roll out a little of the black modelling paste and cut out eyes, nose and mouth. Fix onto cake with glue.

Make a stalk with either brown or green modelling paste, or a mix of both. Leave one end of the stalk thicker to allow you to mould a base to sit in the top of the pumpkin. Make some green leaves by shaping a heart and marking the veins. Roll thin ‘sausages’ of paste for the tendrils. Position onto top of pumpkin.

Step 5

Cover the cake board with purple sugar paste around the base of the cake and leave to dry.

Cut out a ‘Happy Halloween’ using the Alphabet Cutters and glue onto the front of the board.  Finish the board edge with green ribbon.

Supply List
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