Chocolate Cake Pops

This chocolate cake pop recipe will make approx. 20 cake pops, Add any desired decorations to suit your theme.

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How to Make Chocolate Cake Pops - Recipe Guide
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To Make The Cake Balls

550g cake crumbs
70g cream cheese
140g sieved icing sugar (06843002)

Mix cream cheese and icing sugar together well to make frosting. Place cake crumbs in a large bowl and add frosting a little at a time, mixing until a soft, moist consistency is reached. You may not require all of the frosting. Use a knife or your hands for the mixing.

Form into 30g (1oz) balls. This recipe should make about 20.

Place the cake balls into refrigerator to chill for approx. 2 hours. If time is short, place in freezer for approx. ½ - 1 hour. Do not let the cake balls freeze as this could cause the coating to crack after dipping.

To Make Into Cake Pops

20 cake balls
1 pack of candy buttons (Flavour of your choice)
Microwaveable bowl 
A little vegetable oil
20 lollipop sticks (15294)
Polystyrene dummy/oasis block for holding pops while drying

Step 1

Melt the pack of candy buttons (following instructions on pack)

Take a lollipop stick and dip one end into candy buttons, then push into cake ball. Leave for a few mins. to allow it to set inside the lolly. This helps to keep the cakepop on the stick, and from sliding down the stick, when dipping in melts.

Step 2

Holding the end of the stick, carefully dip the chilled cake ball into the bowl of candy buttons, covering the ball completely. Gently shake off any excess. 

Top Tip – you may need to add a touch of vegetable oil if the melts start to thicken during the dipping process (1 tablespoon per pack).

Do not overheat when microwaving the buttons – heat until almost melted and then stir until melting process is completed. Overheating will cause the melts to thicken and make the dipping process difficult.

Step 3

Add sprinkles, if using, to decorate while pop is still wet. Also add any sugarpaste decorations now before setting. The buttons set quickly so it is advisable to have all decorations completely ready to add to the pops as soon as they have been dipped. Place in a polystyrene block or dummy (click here to see dummies available) to dry.

Detailed decoration can be added now if desired. Use dusting colours mixed to a paste with gin/vodka or rejuvenator spirit to paint your chosen design onto the pops.

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