Lustre Food Sprays


It’s quick and easy to create dazzling effects with our selection of Lustre Food Sprays. Our wide range can be used to create stunning shimmering effects on sugar decorations, chocolates, sugar paste, ready to roll icings, such as Renshaw or Squires, buttercream, Mexican or flower paste and many more! It couldn't be simpler to add decadent, sparkling designs to all your cake creations. Available in a range of colours, each can be sprayed either once, lightly for a subtle, gentle effect or repeated to build up a stronger colour with lots of sparkle. These sprays are ideal for use on any celebration cake or treat but look particularly stunning on wedding cakes!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try our Colour Splash Sprays range or our House of Cake Glitter Sprays range for more sparkling, sprayable cake decoration options.