Foods Paints and Pens


Our range of edible food paints and pens are perfect for adding a personal touch to your celebration cakes and cupcakes. Our food paints are supplied in easy to use pots and are available in a variety of vibrant colours from reliable brands, including Sugarflair, Colour Splash and Rainbow Dust. Use to cover your whole cake, or for more intricate and delicate details you can use a small brush to apply.

We also sell edible food pens with different tips, so they are ideal for writing on iced cakes and for adding intricate detail to flower paste decorations, faces and patterns. They are even brilliant for introducing children to the wonderful world of cake decorating, why not let them try decorating some iced cookies or cakes - fun and mess free!

Find the perfect cake icing to paint or draw on with our wide selection of sugar paste and icings!