Create this stunning Beauty & the Beast themed cake for any celebration following our step by step guide.


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You Will Need
6” Round Deep cake - masked ready for icing
8” Round Deep cake -  masked ready for icing
Round Red Cake Drum Board (06RRWD12)
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Yellow-250g (74222) x6
Cake Star Yellow Modelling Paste -100g (75133) x3
Cake Star Red Modelling Paste-100g  (75013) x2
Cake Star Green Modelling Paste (75136)
20 Gauge Dark Green Florist Wire-Pack of 20  (1382G)
30 Gauge Dark Green Florist Wire-Pack of 50  (1390G0
Purple Cupcakes Romance Sprinkle Mix (25109)
FMM Easy Rose Cutter (81706)
Culpitt Rose Leaf Plunger Cutters-Set of 3 (84781)
FMM Rose Calyx Cutter-70mm (86385)
Stemtex Tape-Nile Green (1490N)
Dowel rods or similar
Edible Glue (75053)
Step 1

Place 8” cake onto drum board, and cover with yellow sugar paste. Cut off around bottom edge and neaten. Repeat with 6” cake. Leave both cakes to dry.

Drapes on base cake

Mix yellow modelling paste with approx 150g of leftover yellow sugar paste, knead well.  This should give the correct consistency for the drapes to hold their shape when placed on the cake.

Measure the circumference of the cake and divide into 5 sections. (A cake top marker will make this job easier!). Measure the height you want the drapes on the side of the cake. Make a paper template, 14cm x 9cm, for cutting out each drape.

Roll out paste and cut a piece to this measurement. Insert dowel rods along length of, and underneath, paste, creating the drape, and push rods together. Remove rods and pinch both ends of the drape to seal. Turn over and brush glue onto the back.  Make a ‘gunge’ glue (paste mashed down with water to a tacky consistency) to fix the ends of the drape to the cake side.

Repeat this process to make a further four drapes.

Continue with a further five drapes to make a second tier.

Drape on top cake

This drape is a long one, the whole circumference of the cake. It is easier to make it in two pieces, and join at the back.

You will need a template, 25cm x 6cm, to cut out two strips. Repeat the process, glue on the back and fix around the top of the cake, using gunge glue on the ends. 

Bring the front of each drape down to meet in the centre front of the cake. (This represents the front of Belle’s dress). Add some sprinkles onto the join to decorate.

Place 6” cake onto base cake.


Using the red modelling paste, make ten small roses, following the simple instructions for the easy rose cutter, to place where the drapes join.  Add to the cake side with gunge glue and use a pin to hold while drying, not forgetting to remove afterwards!

Make one large rose for the top of the cake, adding a 20 gauge wire, glued into the centre. Allow to dry.  Make leaves with green modelling paste and 30 gauge wires. (Dust with leaf green powder colour and steam, if wished). Make rose calyx, and glue onto back of rose.

Tape all stems, then tape leaves together, joining onto main rose stem. Place onto top of cake.

Brush glue around base of top tier and add sprinkles all around.

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