This mermaid tail cake is perfect for any mermaid themed birthday party!

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You Will Need
6” Round Deep Cake ready for icing.
Round Baby Blue Cake Drum Board-8” (06BRWD8)
Buttercream (approx. 500g)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder-Matt-White (75115)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Peacock (0675083)
Colour Splash Food colouring Powder-Green (0675059)
Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste-White-250g (0601942)
Cake Star Round Plunger Cutters-Set of 3 (84907)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Jade (0675064)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel-Violet (0675060)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder-Pearl Shimmer (75084)
Cake Star Edible Glue Tube-20g (75053)
Cake Star Palette Knife - Straight - 4" (10604)

Place cake onto board. Divide buttercream into three portions. Colour one portion with jade, another with peacock, and add white powder to the third to whiten.

Using a small palette knife add buttercream colours at random around the side, one colour at a time, until the cake is covered. Then using the rounded end of the blade, scrape the colours into ‘waves’ so that the colours merge into each other. Complete by adding the colours to the top of the cake in the same way.

Mermaid Tail

Take a piece of modelling paste approx 50g. Colour with violet food colouring gel. Shape into a tail, cutting the narrow end into two, to shape the fins. Leave to dry.

Take another two 20g balls of paste and colour one ball in varying shades of violet, and the second ball into varying shades of jade. Roll out and cut circles of each shade using the middle cutter of the set. Place onto the tail with glue, starting at the narrow end and overlapping as you work down. Dust with pearl shimmer to finish. Insert a cocktail stick or wooden skewer into the tail for support. Leave to dry completely.

Finally, insert the mermaid tail into the cake!

Supply List
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